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DC Comics Announces Trinity War Tie In Comics

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It’s almost Summer, and you know what that means: Event Time for comic books. As previously announced, the long-awaited Trinity War event will be DC Comics’ offering this year. First announced at last year’s Free Comic Book Day, Trinity War will have the three Justice Leagues (Justice League, Justice League of America and Justice League Dark) fighting each other to gain possession of Pandora’s Box, who’s namesake owner was partially responsible for adjusting reality to create the present New 52 continuity.

Today, DC Comics announced that three titles will be tying into the three main books that the event will be taking place in:

Earlier this month we announced that the highly anticipated “Trinity War” will be a  massive crossover event spanning the three Justice League titles—JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK.

Well, that’s not all. This morning we revealed with IGN that there are tie-ins! TRINITY OF SIN: PANDORA, TRINITY OF SIN: PHANTOM STRANGER and CONSTANTINE will all have a part in “Trinity War”.

“It’s not only the first New 52 meeting of all three Justice League teams, it’s the first time we’ll see how they all interrelate,” says editor Brian Cunningham who spoke with IGN about the upcoming event. Head on over to IGN for more insight from Cunningham and be sure to add “Trinity War” to your summer reading pile!

Sometimes, less is more; and it seems for once DC Comics is following that maxim. By keeping the main story to three titles and tying in only three other comics, it makes it simpler to follow, and more affordable. Compare this to Blackest Night or Joker’s Last Laugh, where almost every title and corner of the DC Universe tied into the events either as one-off tie-ins or part of the overall story (32 issues comprise the main parts of Blackest Night alone, not to mention issues that were one-offs). Even great arcs such as Knightfall and Death and Return of Superman required buying almost every Bat or Super title, special issues, and books that tied into the events of the story arc (such as the one-off special that introduced Bane before Knightfall began). Trinity War will likely be easier to follow, and gentler on the bank accounts of cash strapped readers such as yours truly. One could buy the three main books and ignore the tie ins and not be lost in the chaos going on in the pages.

This is a savvy plan by DC Comics to streamline stories and make things easier for their readers. Whether you’re getting all the issues or just the main storyline, you are in for an epic adventure this summer when Trinity War begins.

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