DC Comics Cancels 13 Comics In March

Since the dawn of The New 52 in September, 2011, DC Comics has unleashed waves of titles and cancelled others due to sales or if the titles have come to a reasonable ending point. Those who dismiss the New 52 often point out the number of cancellations as a reason for why the line is “failing”. One site even has a petty article detailing how The New 52 is coming to it’s 52nd cancellation (ignoring the fact there have been more than 52 titles in the lineup). With Convergence to begin in April, DC has announced thirteen of its titles will be ending in March as the two month long event gears up.

The cancelled DC Comics titles are:

Convergence posterAquaman and the Others
Infinity Man and the Forever People
Secret Origins
Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie
Trinity of Sin
Worlds’ Finest

Arkham Manor
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: New Guardians
Red Lanterns
Swamp Thing

Also, the three weeklies, Batman Eternal, Futures’ End, and Earth Two: World’s End will be ending.

Naturally, this has caused a feeding frenzy, especially among those who are still against the New 52. It’s being speculated that the New 52 will be ending after Convergence.  Additionally, there has been talk that DC Comics has realized their “mistake”, and that the “real” DC Universe will be coming back.

Calm down, people. For starters, there’s no evidence that the New 52 is ending; no need to start rumors. Secondly, a couple of these titles, Secret Origins and Arkham Manor, were intended to be a limited series, but weren’t announced as such. Others, such as Swamp Thing, are ending because their writers have found out a good end point for this volume.

What’s interesting is that all but two Green Lantern titles will be ending. Out of this cull, only Green Lantern and Sinestro will likely remain on the other side of Convergence. What does this mean for the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe? Well, we don’t know for sure. Some theories are that some titles will be relaunched, or that possibly there will be a Green Lantern weekly, given the success of Batman Eternal and Futures’ End.

Several of the titles that are ending are from the first wave of the New 52, leaving a little less than half of the first wave titles out of the original 52. However, this does not indicate a failure on the part of The New 52, despite speculation.

klarion 1 coverTwo of the books that are ending, Aquaman and The Others and Klarion are relatively recent titles. Klarion itself will be ending after six issues; sales were not as high for the title as DC would have liked.

We should note that while Marvel dominated sales charts all year, we can’t ignore the fact that Marvel unleashed a nonstop flood of number ones and events in 2014.  DC Comics, while they did have events and number ones, didn’t have as many. That doesn’t mean DC was doing the wrong thing, just means that DC was doing something else.

Sadly, DC’s success might fall on some deaf ears. In the end, we don’t know what’s on the other side of Convergence, and it’s kind of silly to assume what will be there. A safe guess would be a continuation of the New 52, with some adjustments. Kind of like a software patch. Some have suggested that perhaps some pre New 52 continuity will continue in its own line. Whatever happens, it will be interesting to see what will be there in June as we say goodbye to these titles in March.

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