DC Comics Takes Steps to Unveiling DC Universe

DC Universe Coming Soon

Fans of DC Comics have long been awaiting updates on the company’s upcoming streaming service. While they will continue to wait, they got some more information this week as the comics giant revealed the service will be called DC Universe. Other information is still sparse, but we did get some teases about exclusive content the service will be offering.

What the Service Will Offer

DC Universe DC Entertainment Titans - source YouTubeMost ideas about what DC Universe will feature are just speculation or wishful thinking at this point. However, a few exclusive series will roll out on the service. Most fans likely already knew about the Titans series that will be featured on the service. We now know that shows titled Swamp ThingYoung Justice: Outsiders, and Harley Quinn will be coming to DC Universe.

Though we don’t know for certain at this point, DC Universe might also include shows and movies from the company’s broad catalog of media. Things like The Dark Knight Trilogy or the company’s widely-loved animated movies and series might make a subscription cost well worth it for many fans.

Additionally, fans have been hoping that the service will feature current digital comics, especially with news that monthly titles will no longer feature digital codes. It is unknown whether DC Comics plans to do this, but such a feature could easily enhance the company’s readership. Moreover, the company describes DC Universe as “a first-of-its-kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans.” Such a classification doesn’t rule out media beyond television and movies.

What Next?

As noted, we still don’t have a whole lot of information. DC Universe still lacks a launch date, though many expect to have access by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can sign up for email updates on the service here. A timeline and new features will likely be coming soon.


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