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Over the last few months, DC has been releasing exclusive 100-page anthology issues for Walmart stores. Each “giant” issue contains original stories by some of DC’s biggest names such as Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics) and Dan Jurgens (Batman Beyond). These stories occur and draw inspiration from various DC eras/arcs (like The New 52, Rebirth, etc.). The series that are currently running are Batman Giant, Superman Giant, Justice League of America (JLA) Giant and Teen Titans Giant.  So far, these giant issues have been selling very well and bringing in new DC fans. In fact, the influx of money has encouraged DC Comics to sweeten the deal. DC Comics will be adding The Flash and Swamp Thing to the “Giant” line up.  

Teen Titans via Walmart

Best of Friends

The addition of new books comes as no surprise. DC Head of publishing, Dan DiDio, had expressed hope for the success of the books and expanding the line since last interviewed at SDCC. He also stated their desire to further nurture their relationship with Walmart. The good partnership with a huge conglomerate of stores like Walmart would mean a huge boost in distribution for DC.

Oh! The Possibilities!

What is also interesting here is the choice of new additions. The Flash is a no-brainer being a main member of the JLA, but The Swamp Thing is a different matter. Though it is a DC classic, Swamp Thing is a bit more obscure and has been under Vertigo for most of its recent runs. If it gets a “Giant” issue, can other more bizarre DC characters get a taste too? I would die for a Hellblazer Giant or a something with Doctor Occult. Either way, its good to see DC material getting into more hands. I can’t wait to see what the next additions may be.

The “Giant” line can be found at your local Walmart for $4.99 each.

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