DC Heroes Fight Injustice (Video)

Have you always wanted to know who the toughest person in the DC universe is?

Do you wish that someone would just arrange a Mortal Combat style tournament with them all involved so we could find out?

Good news, Injustice: Gods Among Us, a Mortal Kombat style fighting game featuring heroes and villains from the DC universe, is currently being finished up for its 2013 release date. And judging by this latest video, a 15 minute epic from Evo 2012, one of the world’s biggest and best fighting game expos, it’s not looking too bad.

The video shows off some of the gameplay as well as how the multi-layered environments can be used in a variety of different ways to inflict damage on your opponent. Take a look.


Cool, right?

The above preview is narrated by Nether Realm Studios leading man, Ed Boon (co-creator of Mortal Kombat) who is clearly very excited by this game, and judging by the crowd’s reaction, they are too. Unfortunately, and somewhat frustratingly for the game’s manufacturers, restrictions from DC mean that some characters are unable to perform some of the more aggressive moves Mortal Kombat fans would love to see. For example, Superman cannot fry someone with his laser eyes. This also moved the games rating/gore level down so the game can be more accessible for a younger audience, putting it on the same level as the mostly crap DC vs. Mortal Kombat (T for Teen). This is probably also due to the fact that the game is centered around comic book characters which are usually believed to cater for a younger audience, when in reality every reader of comics knows that they are NOT for kids, but more for healthy, well rounded, outgoing adults with lots of friends! But still, if this video is anything to go by the game should be a winner for anyone who is a DC or fight game fan with a suspected 25 characters and 19 multi-layered interactive levels. Should be interesting.


Still need more convincing about how bad ass this game is going to be?

Check out the latest gameplay video showing even more characters and destruction. This new video focuses on Cyborg and Nightwing showing off their array of moves and more differences between the so called ‘Power’ characters and the speed and agility of the so called ‘Gadget’ Characters.


Keep an eye out for more developments as this set to be massive game heads towards its 2013 release. If the game continues in the same direction then expect a lot of hype. Weather it lives up to the hype or ends up like the rest of the recent Mortal Kombat releases is yet to be seen.



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