DC Reveals Batman’s Cape and Cowl, Arrow’s Arsenal, and Another Batfleck Image

BatmanThis is the greatest time of year for comic book fans, geeks, and nerds as San Diego Comic Con kicks off today and we get exclusive looks at new comics, movies, games, and more. It was during this time last year that DC and Zack Snyder announced that Batman would be joining Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel on the big screen for the first time ever. Since then there have been seemingly thousands of rumors about the highly anticipated film, which has been officially titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and DC fueled the fire this weekend by showcasing the official cape and cowl that Ben Affleck will be donning in the film at SDCC.

The famous accessory is one piece, meaning that, yet again, we will have a Batman who will be unable to turn his head and features an intense expression on the cowl that will surely strike fear into Gotham’s criminal Underworld, and maybe even the Man of Steel himself. As much as I like the expression and the look of the cowl, I don’t like the idea of Batman struggling to move in his Batsuit, especially in such a historic film. The fluidity of Batman in the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy was such a positive change, aesthetically and functionally, and I’m a bit disappointed to see that they will be regressing in Dawn of Justice.

On the heels of this news, DC and The CW Network revealed the first glimpse of Colton Hayne’s Roy Harper as Arsenal for Season Three of Arrow. Equip with Arsenala bow, a domino mask, and a red hood, the look is very similar to Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and it should be interesting to see how Roy develops into his role as Green Arrow’s partner and how that new relationship will affect Oliver in his quest to become a hero. I definitely feel like there will be a rocky start to the partnership, but it should help both characters in the long run.

Not to be topped, though, Zack Snyder released the reveal of the day when he tweeted a second photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. This color photo is a headshot taken from the side and gives us a better look at the man behind the mask and how Affleck’s cleft chin will fill out the bottom of the cowl. While the ears are a tad shorter than what I would’ve liked, I have to admit that I’m very satisfied with how the newest version of the Caped Crusader will ultimately look like on-screen (Even Batmanwith the lack of head/neck movement). When I look at this photo I feel as if I’m looking at a photo of Batman, not Ben Affleck portraying  the character, and that’s the most important hurdle for Snyder and co. to overcome.

There is so much more that will be revealed at SDCC this week, including which character Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be portraying for the DC Cinematic Universe (*cough* Black Adam *cough*) so be sure to stay up to speed by constantly reloading Word of The Nerd!




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