Trinity War

Titile: Justice League #23

Arc: Trinity War, part 6 of 6

Written by: Geoff Johns

Pencils: Ivan Reis

Inkers: Joe Prado, Eber Ferreira, Oclair Albert

DC’s six-part, crossover Trinity War comes to an end this week, August, 28, 2013, and does so in a highly dramatic fashion.

Geoff Johns and co. start the book with a short narrative by The Outsider, who gives the reader a quick synopsis of how and why he found himself on Earth and initiated his Secret Society and why he needs Pandora’s Box: to serve his master well. Jump back to present day and we are in Athens, Greece, where the Justice League and Justice League of America, whose members have meshed and split into three separate groups, have arrived, in search for Pandora’s Box, which is in the hands of Constantine and his group. The box, though, is having a dark effect on everyone and it isn’t long before all the members converge on Constantine, the only one who is not effected by the box.

A lengthy, free-for-all fight sequence takes place, pitting friends against each other. During the fight, in which the evil desires within everyone surface, Steve Trevor admits his resentment towards Superman, due to his relationship with Wonder Woman. We also see a jealous, and dying, Superman question Wonder Woman about who she would go to should he die: Steve or Batman. He seems to think Batman and he attacks his friend, claiming, “I won’t stop until Batman is Dead”, giving all the WonderBat fans a few panels of pride, and hope, as well as a wonderful, two-page illustration of Wonder Woman protecting Batman from her crazed boyfriend.Trinity War

The clash renders Superman temporarily unconscious and allows the team, who are all back to normal states due to the box going dormant, to assess the reason as to why Superman is being effected so much worse than everyone else. It turns out that a sliver of Kryptonite, from Batman’s belt, was placed inside his brain by the Atom, clipping a nerve and forcing him to kill Dr. Light in Justice League #22. The Atom admits to her treacherous ways just as Cyborg, who has been hacked by The Outsider, goes haywire. His computer half detaches itself from his flesh and becomes The Grid, leaving Victor incapacitated.

The box is temporarily forgotten amidst all the chaos and The Outsider takes the opportunity to take control and activate it. He explains to Pandora that the box is not magic, as her gods had thought, but it is, in fact, science. A portal, actually, which was placed on this Earth from his own home long ago. His own home being Earth Three. This leads to my favorite line of the book. The Outsider holds the box in his hands as the portal is opening and proclaims, “All this time you were looking for who was behind this…as you say on your world…the Butler did it.” Hmm…

An alternate Aquaman, looking much like the pre-New 52, long-haired, bearded, one handed Arthur, steps out of the portal only to fall lifelessly to the ground — which is a shame because he looked bad ass. Behind him, though, steps a team of six that calls themselves the Crime Syndicate. Made up of foils to the Earth One Justice League, that includes Ultraman, SuperWoman, Power Ring, and Owlman, as well as a speedster who was only named as “Johnny” by the Atom, who now goes by Atomica, and what looks to be a Firestorm foil.

In an interesting panel, The Outsider kneels down to Owlman and says, “Welcome to your new home, Master Thomas.” To which Owlman responds, “It took you long enough, Alfred.”. This seems to confirm that Owlman will retain his pre-52 identity as Thomas Wayne Jr.

The book ends with a full page illustration of the Crime Syndicate attacking the dilapidated Justice leagues.

This book proved to be exciting, intriguing, and mysterious finale to an impressive crossover story arc.  All six parts kept the reader interested and the surprise ending definitely adds to its success. I enjoyed it immensely and hope that DC continues to take steps such as The Trinity War to put the company back in the good graces of all the loyal fans they’ve been losing over the past few years with some of their more questionable decisions.


About the author

Steven DaCorta

Steven is one day looking to be on the other side of this business, but for now he is perfectly content with reviewing and analyzing comics.

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