DC Universe Launches In Bat Time


DC Universe: Same Bat Time, New Bat Network


Get excited DC fans! DC Universe, DC Comics’ new digital subscription, is opening to the public on September 15th. September 15th is “Batman Day”, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The new digital service promises to provide everything DC, including movies, TV, and comics. The service’s content seems to be wide in range, presenting obscure properties and new arrivals alike. Speaking of new arrivals, DC Universe has a bunch of original content premiering later this year and next year. Titans, a grim live-action adaption of the Teen Titans line of comics, will have an early premiere at New York Comic Con on October 3rd. Titans will officially release on the service on October 12th.

The long-awaited third season of Young Justice, Young Justice: Outsiders, will premiere 2019.  There will also be a daily news show on DC Universe called DC Daily that will have the latest news, interviews, and everything you need to know about DC every Wednesday. Each episode will have a different host and set of guests. With this small part of the line-up alone, DC Universe looks like a pretty hefty and expansive experience.

Pulling Out All The Bat Stops

DC Universe is not only trying to impress with its service, but also its promotion game. The first episode of DC Daily, hosted by Kevin Smith, was launched on August 29th during a live stream. The show focused mostly on what DC universe will be providing and solidifying the format of future DC Daily episodes. However, this was not the only stunt they have pulled to push the new service. I myself got to check out the DC Universe Experience during San Diego Comic-Con, wherein there were some cool activations set up for several shows. Titans, Doom Patrol (release 2019), and several others were represented with fun activities.

Furthermore, DC fans will have a chance to win The Ultimate Batman Studio Tour if they pre-order DC Universe before September 12th. The contestant can win a tour around WB Hollywood studios, check out DC headquarters, ride the Batmobile, and receive a special gift package. If fans preorder, DC Universe digital subscription is $74.99 for 15 months. This rounds out to about $5 a month.

Are you going to give the new subscription a go? Let us know in the comments!

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