DC Wins My Heart with the ‘Supergirl’ First Look

Friends, I have a confession.

When I entered this world of comics as a wee girl, I was full DC Comics.  I lived it.  I breathed it.  Stephanie Brown was the love of my life.  The only Marvel I ever touched was the X-Men.

And then, something terrible happened.  The entire universe got rebooted, and I, now old enough to make my own decisions, decided to go to Marvel.  My father, who has always prefered DC to Marvel, had never been so ashamed.  But I was 18 and naive! I was making my own decisions.  Picking my own comics.

Well, friends, this girl is coming home.

Though the outcries from dudebros about Supergirl looking “too much like a rom-com” have already begun, I couldn’t be more excited.  And not just because whatever makes dudebros angry, in turn, brings me deep personal joy.

I, for one, applaud the show from not shying away from femininity.  From saying “this show can talk fashion and boys, and still be about a superhero!” There’s action, there’s witty banter, and everyone is adorable. 

It’s a show that is for a female comic audience.  And considering that The Flash is adorable, and that Starfire will be getting her own solo book, DC has won back my heart.  I’m coming back to you, baby.  It’s been too damn long.

Check out the preview for Supergirl below!  Some of my favorite bits include her Miranda Priestly-esque boss (gird your loins,) her and her friend/guy I’m probably gonna ship her with (does he have a name??) actually having to try multiple versions of the costume to get it right (realism + fashion! the best,) and my baby girl victoriously beaming on the wing of an airplane.

This show already looks like it’ll have everything.  A high-profile news job for Kara, a hot Jimmy Olsen, and a whole lot of fun, feelings, and, that’s right: lady bonding.  This is must-see TV, people.  If you love yourself, you will watch this show.

Supergirl premieres this fall on CBS.

Edit 5/14/15: I’ve found out her friend, played by Jeremy Jordan, will be none other than the Toymaster.  I retract my previous statement about shipping.  Just.  Ew.  I am excited to see him as a villain, though!

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