DC’s Aquaman Makes Big Splash In China

At this moment, Aquaman is on a megalodon trail. Let’s just say it is one of the sweetest victories yet by DC. 

A Weekend?

One weekend. It only took a weekend before Aquaman basically devoured China’s market. The almighty king, Jason Momoa, who stars as Arthur Curry, once again plays a hero for Warner Bros. Entertainment. He basically saved the world in the movie and the company in the theatres. Some of DC’s movies didn’t do that well, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as its record-breaking hit.

Until now.

Aquaman, No Holding Back

From chomping down on anti-fans who basically hate DC and doubters who believe that this one will fail, Aquaman basically ruined everything for them with no plans of apologizing. Before you scream about the population in China, it’s pretty much logical to watch something that people talk about in a positive light. This movie is setting Weibo on fire, from critics changing their minds with rave reviews to fans discussing their favorite parts on the platform.

The numbers are here and they’re still growing as I type these words. With Aquaman, DC has given its all and it is finally paying back.

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Shattering Records and Surpassing Expectations

According to Exhibitor Relations Co, a research company concentrating on media, Aquaman opened with a staggering $93.6M in its opening weekend in China. It is now the highest-grossing movie and it’s not even released in many parts of the world yet.  Let’s just say it’s set to devour everything on its path. That’s only one market, and it shattered many records. 

This is the highest peak Warner Bros. has reached. Not only is this an astounding feat for DC but it’s also a way to cement the path it is about to take to greatness. 

Momentum Overseas

Aquaman debuted much earlier in the international market and hasn’t been released domestically, yet. It is quite odd but the results are surprising. It is gaining momentum overseas, debuting in China, swimming around before making its way to North America. Translated reviews set high expectations for each and every fan who hasn’t seen it yet. 

Its path to international success is basically cemented, with rave reviews and growing numbers. The question now is, will DC’s Aquaman succeed in its domestic market? From the depths of the sea to groundbreaking heights, is Aquaman about to establish a regime? If so, this one is something I’ll be glad to be under. 

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