DC’s NEW Full-Length Birds of Prey Trailer

Flocking Together In the NEW Birds of Prey Trailer

Do you know what a harlequin is? Well, do you? A harlequin is more than red and black, more than an overtly sexualized bodysuit and ridiculously unnecessary high heels. Harlequin aka Harley Quinn is an absolute force. A proverbial wrecking ball and in DC’s new trailer for Birds of Prey, puddin’, she flat out steals the show.

The Birds of Prey trailer fits the standard mold for superhero films. Lots of action, no real offering as far as any discernible plot is concerned, and of course the time-inappropriate score serving as the grand opus of the montage. The scene begins with a downtrodden Harley professing how she and the Joker are now broken up. In the background, “Hymne L’amour” begins to play; a French love song written and sung by Edith Piaf after the death of her great love. Foreshadowing much?

“I’m the one they should be scared of. Not you. Not Mista J.”

In the second half of the trailer, we see Harley begin to rise up. To start anew and carve out a place for herself. She teases, “It turns out I wasn’t the only dame in Gotham looking for emancipation.” This is most likely a reference to the other members of the Birds of Prey: Black Canary and Huntress. We see a shot of a martini glass shaking from a lounge singer’s sonic vibration and an archer with a crossbow on a motorcycle. Beyond that, this is purely the Harley Quinn show. 

It’s the perfect balance of action, comedy, comics, and heart. In Suicide Squad, audiences saw a flash of what Margot Robbie is capable of through the lens of Harley Quinn. This time around in Birds of Prey she seems poised to blow the roof off the place. Whether it’s sharing Twizzlers with hyenas or throwing lit dynamite sticks out a car window, Harley Quinn shines in all her chaotic glory every moment she’s on screen.

Some actors are defined by the movies they star in, others live on in the characters that they embody and portray. So I ask you again, do you know what a harlequin is? Do you know who Margot Robbie is? The answer is one and the same. She’s Harley. F’ing. Quinn. That’s who.  

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