DC’s Young Animal Imprint Coming to an End

Young Animal Ending After Two Years

Many DC comic book fans are not happy about a recent news update.  DC and Gerard Way announced on May 10th that most of the Young Animal imprints will be “on hold” after their 6th issue is published in August.  Even though “the imprint was never branded as a permanent fixture of the DC lineup” it’s quite popular.  The line includes titles such as Doom Patrol, Mother Panic, Shade the Changing Woman, Cave Carson Has an Interstellar Eye, Bug: The Adventures of Forager, and Eternity Girl.

Young Animal Comics: Shade the Changing Girl, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye, Mother Panic
Young Animal Comics: Shade the Changing Girl, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye, Mother Panic

We have no single reason why the line is ending yet. However, Way (who curates the line) said in a statement, “I want to give everyone an update on Young Animal. In August, Shade, Cave Carson, and Mother Panic will end at issue 6 as we originally planned, alongside Eternity Girl. It’s been an incredible run for each of them and I’m so thankful to all the writers and artists who began this journey with me, and who created such incredible stories.”

Fans are understandably upset. However, according to Way, there is still a future for these characters. Way noted that “this is not the end of Young Animal. We’ll have more to news to share when we come back with Doom Patrol. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of these amazing series.”

Other Happenings at DC

The news comes as part of other recent changes at DC, both bad and good. On the bad side, the comic giant is getting rid of digital codes in monthly titles and raising the price of several titles from $2.99 to $3.99. On the other hand, DC is moving forward with its subscription service, now known as DC Universe. Moreover, several in-universe events have fans excited.  Such as No Justice, Brian Michael Bendis’s The Man of Steel, and the Batman/Catwoman wedding. Additionally, both Scott Snyder and Bendis have much-anticipated run in main titles on the near horizon.

Piecing all of these together, it seems that DC Comics is in a transitional state. It might be a rough time for Young Animal fans. However, time will tell if the company moves to a place where most fans are happy.

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