Game News: D&D: Tyrants of the Underdark

We have seen the first glimpses of the new D&D board game, Tyrants of the Underdark. So far the games have been co-op adventure games, which if you don’t know it’s like playing a RPG, but without a Dungeon Master and complicated character creation. This game turns the players against each other in an area control/pool building game. This should be an interesting turn in mechanics from the past D&D board games. We board game players love to see if a new game can tweak or use mechanics in interesting ways. That’s actually the first thing I look at when choosing a game. (If you want all the fine details on Tyrants of the Underdark, check out this page on Board Game Geek.)dd-tyrants-of-the-underdark-board-game

Area control games, in my opinion, can be a bit challenging, but deck/pool building is definitely my favorite genre. I wonder how linked your cards will be to your area. I hope not too linked. It would totally suck to loose pool via opponents taking over your area. These games turn ugly real quick. Play would be like “OK I am done”. Opponent says, “Good now with just a couple of moves I now own half your stuff.”  Being the larger company that Wizards is, I am sure they did what they  could to avoid those problems.

So we will be Drow houses recruiting monsters, demons, cultists and other such beings in order to control locations around the Underdark.  Even if you have never played in the Underdark, it has been around long enough that you should at least a little bit of it. D&D has been around for decades and in the recent decade has transformed into a wider range of products for us players to happily spend our not-so-packed wallets of money.

Like most companies they just love to dangle those juicy pieces on info right in front of our faces. We have to wait two more months for this game. It will release on May 16th, 2016. I will try to get my hands on it or at least play with someone who has it. Keep playing those games!

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