Dead Man’s Run #3 Preview

In this adaptation of Dante’s Inferno, Sam and Juniper Tinker are killed and their souls are sent to different levels of Hell. Sam begins a quest through hell to find his sister. Issue 3 begins with the bigger story behind this adventure. Someone in hell sets up the two main characters to die and a warden is interested in finding out why.

The writers and the artist deserve a lot of credit. They turned the Divine Comedy into an action adventure story, something that the original source does not lend itself to easily. It turns out to be very simple to pull off: take the horror aspects of the original and subdue them.

It is also a good adaptation. It changes the original story enough to give it a unique spin, but keeps the general structure intact. Also, you need to pay respect to the source and make it unique to you.


DEAD MAN’S RUN #3 is in stores September 19th, 2012!

Covers by Tony Parker and Peter Steigerwald (cover A), and Corey Smith and Peter Steigerwald (cover B).


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