Deadpool 2 Gets A Teaser Short

Ryan Reynolds posted the Deadpool short accompanying Logan in theaters this weekend to his YouTube channel. At this time, Deadpool 2 does not have a release date.

Deadpool Returns

The day after Logan screened for the press, the film’s runtime was updated on IMDB. Many suspected the update to be indicative of the addition of a post-credits stinger. And when it comes to comic book movies, it’s borderline sacrilege to not include a stinger. However, audiences going to see Logan are treated to a mini-Deadpool tale before the film begins. It’s one part trailer, one part short film, and all very NSFW. You can peek it below. And, as mentioned, the clip is VERY NSFW. Consider yourself warned.

Full of callbacks and pop culture nods, it certainly feels like Deadpool. The most staggering of which is the Superman theme. There is no telling how much red tape and licensing fees went into securing the rights for that song. Also, it’s nice to see Firefly still getting shout outs after all these years. More in line with the Marvel callbacks is the obligatory Stan Lee cameo and the graffiti about Nathan Summers. Also, the short features a much darker sense of humor than the first Deadpool.

The first film certainly had its fair share of levity in the face of brutality. But watching him cuddle up with a dead body signals a potential sea change for the sequel. Of course, it could just be part of the skewering of “gritty” trailers that dot the comic book movie landscape. It is very reminiscent of the Tom Jane Punisher short Dirty Laundry. Then again, the short ends on a perplexing and extensive recap of The Old Man And The Sea. Regardless, these shorts might prove a lucrative way to market Deadpool 2. It’s an unconventional franchise, so seeing them do their own thing with the marketing is nice.

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