Deadpool 2 Reveals First Look At Josh Brolin As Cable

The Cable Guy Rings Twice

Deadpool 2 is currently filming, and we are slowly getting to know how it’s going to be. Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular “Merc With A Mouth” has already revealed how Zazie Beetz will be as Domino on Twitter. Now, Reynolds has done it again, this time for Josh Brolin’s take on Deadpool’s best frenemy, Cable, aka Nathan Summers. The Thanos actor is suited up as Rob Liefeld’s second most famous Marvel creation, and Reynolds shared two photos o Twitter.

The 1990s Look Made Cool

Obviously, Brolin doesn’t have Cable’s overly muscular physique, but he definitely looks awesome as the cybernetic psychic member of X-Force and X-Men. The look is keeping with the realistic take typical of Fox’s X-Men franchise, while making the cybernetic arm high tech and slick, more so than in the comics. As usual, Brolin’s Cable is carrying a ridiculously oversized gun, as well as having numerous pouches on his body armor. This might be as close as movies might get to ridiculous designs from the 1990s. A new touch to the character is the teddy bear strapped to his hip. There is no comic book precedent for it (the only thing that comes close might be Bane’s bear, Osito). However, given his timey-wimey history, it could be a memento from his childhood before he was sent forward in time.

Deadpool’s Best/Worst Pal

Cable was born Nathan Summers, the son of Scott Summers, aka the X-Man Cyclops, and Jean Grey clone Madeline Pryor. Kidnapped as a child and sent to a possible future, this telepathic/telekinetic soldier was also infected with a techno-organic virus that enhanced his body while also threatening to kill him. He eventually returns to the present to form X-Force…and deal with a constant red irritation called Wade Wilson.

While possessing fantastic psychic powers, he is also inhumanly strong…which you have to be when you’re wielding gigantic guns. Cable has been a member of X-Force, X-Men, and even Steve Rogers’ Uncanny Avengers. However, he is most famous for being teamed up with Deadpool…which is usually to Cable’s increasing irritation and aggravation. Cable first appeared in New Mutants #87, actually predating fellow Rob Liefeld creation Deadpool.

Cable’s role in Deadpool 2 has yet to be revealed. The film arrives in theaters in 2018.

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