Deadpool Set to Kill the MCU?

 Deadpool Breaks the MCU

Are you ready for your favorite Merc with a Mouth to join the MCU? Wait, you already forgot that Disney bought Fox which means that Marvel Studios now has full access to Deadpool and company (in this instance ‘company’ is the X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc.).

Deadpool or Bust, or Whatever

That’s right, my fellow fellas and stellas. According to a report on MCU Cosmic, they have sources stating some of the ideas Marvel has for getting Deadpool into the MCU.

Now you ruined it.

I know what you’re thinking… a Spider-Man and Deadpool team-up movie! Maybe. There’s a few options laid out in the report of some potential ways we’ll get Wade Wilson to interact with our favorite cinematic universe that isn’t Fast and Furious… Don’t @ me, or do. Challenge accepted.

Here’s the choices:

  • Deadpool 3
  • Disney+ series
  • Show up in Spider-Man 3

I Love Ryan Reynolds… Seriously, I Do

Now, my personal choice for those three options is all three. I’m sorry! You can’t give me all these options to see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. It’s like a bag of chips: you can’t just take one. Why do we have to take just one? 

We, as fans, should demand all three!!!!! I’m kidding. Don’t demand stuff. Ask politely on Twitter. That should work?


I think any of these options are a viable way to get Wade T. Wilson into the MCU. I mean, the character alone allows him to easily step in, make a joke, and now he’s in the universe. It’s that simple.

However, I do think a third solo film would be a mistake for Deadpool’s first outing in the MCU. We’ve seen him in his own film. It’s great, but I’d love him to step into someone else’s film.

Judge and Jury and Deadpool?

Here’s my pitch for Deadpool appearing in Spider-Man 3:

We all love Deadpool. And we all love Spider-Man. We love Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland. I rest my case, your honor.

See how simple that is? Now, I do have a dream scenario, but that’ll be for another post.

Sound Off

So which way do you want to see Deadpool step into this universe? Only question for the day, because I’m trying to go get some fried chicken. Let me know down in the comments below and on any social media because you should… Nerd out with Word of The Nerd!


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