Deathstroke To Go Against Ben Affleck’s Batman

Though the response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is wide-ranging amongst the fan community, there is usually one constant: “Ben Affleck is great as Batman.” Whether it be his lofty Bruce Wayne, or his (extremely) menacing Batman, it is safe to say the “Batfleck” was a hit. Not only has Warner Bros. has named him as an Executive Producer on 2017’s Justice League (Affleck was the center of the Comic-Con Sizzle Reel), but he has been confirmed to direct (and co-write) a solo Batman film in 2018, tentatively titled The Batman.

Details on the The Batman range from rumors to speculation, but we have learned a few things. The first report (from Summer 2015) lead us to believe that the story would take inspiration from the Under the Red Hood and Death in the Family storylines, this would make sense as we have a brand new Joker and a Robin with a troubled history. Just last month a new report says that Batman will face many of his foes while being locked in Arkham Asylum. Whether the Bat is outside or inside, Ben Affleck is ready to add gasoline to the fire that is fan anticipation:


Batman v Deathstroke

Most of the day was spent speculating that Affleck is teasing the presence of Deathstroke in Justice League. It is known that Stephenwolf (included in a BvS deleted scene) will be the main villain of the DC event film, but how could Deathstroke factor in? Before fingers could hit the keyboard, it was reported by The Wrap that Deathstroke will in fact be the main villain of 2018’s The Batman.

This is exciting news, as good as the Batman/Joker/Robin storylines can be, we have experienced a lot of those conflicts on the big screen before. The idea of Batman going up against Deathstroke is very promising, and will continue the DC Extended Universe’s trend of blending gritty realism with more fantastical elements.

Deathstroke has been a mainstay of the DC villain line-up. Going up against most of the JLA members individually. He started his career going up against The Teen Titans, making his name for not only being an extremely skilled combatant, but an enhanced individual with quick reflexes and a healing factor (he is usually spoken of in comparison to Deadpool). Before his (hopeful) debut on the big screen in the coming years, his most well known appearance is from the first two seasons of The CW’s Arrow (as portrayed by Manu Bannet).

What say you? Do you think The Joker or Deathstroke should be the main baddie in the Ben Affleck directed The Batman? Do you have a favorite apperance of Deathstroke in the various mediums he’s shown up in? Let us know in the comments below! Justice League is schedule for November 17, 2017, and The Batman is expected to be released in 2018.

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