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Running On Empty is the first of the Defection graphic novel collection, which will expand the world and story established in Defection: The Board Game.

Captain Kennedy Karter leads a team of unlikely humanitarian aid workers on board his large waste ship Zodiac as they seek to relocate endangered civilians from the war torn planet of Keleressa. However, on one of their early missions, they foolishly run out of fuel, and Kennedy must liaise with a man from his past to save everyone on board.

This previous life was one of civil war and massacre, and the flawed morality of soldiers is a key theme of Running On Empty. A new, interspecies war is ongoing, and Kennedy has shunted a return to the battlefield in favour of assisting the mysterious River and her cause. Several civilians are left isolated on the war torn Keleressa, Kennedy’s home, and his ship and River’s resources offer the opportunity to move to a safer location.

River’s crew consists of Kennedy and four others, a diverse crew featuring three races currently fighting each other. Each feeling abandoned and are outsiders of their respective races, they have formed a team, inexperienced in this line of work, who have little to lose but their lives.

Running On Empty provides an introduction to the crew, their mission, and the history of Keleressa, setting up the possibility for endless misadventures and drama. The imperfect nature of the Zodiac crew provides plenty of sticky situations, and Kennedy’s past, the main focus of this edition, includes high octane, bloody warfare.

Context of the present war:

Over a thousand years ago, the Valgarz race were on the brink of extinction due to their age old conflict with the Kizerain. One escape pod managed to flee their home planet, Keleressa, and preserve their species. Now, the Valgarz have returned, fueled by their hatred for the Kizerain and a desire to once again rule Keleressa.

However, Keleressa is now home to two more races: the Noxu and the manufactured Dodiza. The peace these races had with the Kizerain is now in tatters.

No end to the war can be seen. It’s bloody nature ravages civilian life. Innocent people, caught in the crossfire of vengeful violence…

Only Kennedy, River, and the Zodiac crew are trying to help.

Defection will be on show and available to buy at the UK Games Expo in June 2017, as well as via the website.

24 Pages, RRP: ​£5, inc. free UK postage and PDF

Suggested for mature readers

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