Review – Digimon Links

Digimon Links

Digimon Links has been out in Japan for over a year, but in North America, we are just getting our first taste. 

Digimon Links is a mobile game for iOS and Android published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Digidestined Ride Again!

Digimon Links adThe crowd who self-identify as Digidestined might not be large, but we are loyal to a fault. If you are one of my fellow Digidestined, do yourself a favor and download Digimon Links right now. In Digimon Links, you are yet again called to save the Digital World, which is being torn apart by forces unknown. 


The combat is a callback to Digimon Cyber Sleuth, and is very fulfilling. You control three Digimon in solo combat, or you can control one or two Digimon in coop combat. Each of your Digimon has two moves: a signature skill and a legacy skill. You can change your legacy skill by sacrificing another Digimon with the skill you want, but your signature skill is here to stay, for now. 

Signature skills are the classic skills we loved watching Digimon use in the anime. WarGreymon’s classic Terra Force is my favorite skill. 

Digimon are broken into tribes, and each tribe does more or less damage to different tribes. It is a very standard rock-paper-scissors combat setup.


The gameplay is pretty basic. You make a team of Digimon, go to PVE maps, and use stamina to complete rounds. These PVE maps comprise the ‘story’ of Digimon Links and do not offer much in the way of a real story-line. 

Digimon Links gameplayThe PVP is not available in North America yet. 

On top of the normal PVE maps, every day there are three special daily maps that grant evolution material. You need the daily materials to evolve your Digimon to Ultimate and Mega levels. Luckily, they are easy to get. 

You run out of stamina very quickly, but Digimon Links let you join coop games at no stamina cost to you. So, as long as someone is hosting, you can indefinitely grind the materials you need. I have never had a problem finding hosted games, and I think this system works great for everyone involved. The host gets extra materials for hosting, and you get extra materials for helping!

The Farm

The Farm is your special place in the Digital World, where you can regroup, evolve Digimon, and conduct all of your personal business. As you complete the story, you gain new cosmetic items to make your farm look even better.

Digimon Links gameplay 2

I have spent way too much time dressing up my farm, and I do not regret it!


Digimon Links has had some great events that the community has loved. They have also hosted events everyone hated, which led to a slew of Reddit posts about people quitting the game. 

The fun events involve grinding chips, which you can trade for mega fragments of your choice. The not-fun events involve impossibly hard matches that you would have to complete over one thousand times in the one week they are open to get enough mega fragments to help you get stronger. 

When these impossible events have come up, I just have not participated; it is a lot of effort for nothing. 


Digimon Links is a great game if you love Digimon. Even if you do not want to participate in the PVP, just collecting your favorite Digimon is a blast. 

I have had a lot of fun just assembling the Digimon featured in different seasons of the anime. 

Until the next console Digimon game comes out, I will have a blast in Digimon Links.

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