Discussion Time: Is It Worth Dusting Off Your PS3 In Today’s World?


When the PlayStation first came out, I remember looking at it covetously through the shop’s window. Bright and shiny, nestled in a bed of red material, the PlayStation made everything that had come before it look mediocre, including SEGA. There was no way I would be able to afford one, however, and my parents were definitely not going to splurge on a gaming console. After all, I still had the cartridge console with Mario Brothers and Contra at home.

Fast forward a number of years, and the PlayStation has grown into a brand of its own. It is now the end of 2019, and the PS5 is due to be released sometime next year. Rumors have it pegged at Nov 20, 2020, but that remains to be confirmed. In the meantime, we still have the PS4, which is a great console in itself. So what happens if you are sifting through all the stuff in your garage, and you come across your trusty old PS3? Is it even worth taking it out and dusting it off?

The Modding Community Is Huge

The modding community with PS3’s is massive. They are super easy to jailbreak, and you can not only mod the games but the actual console as well. If you know what you are doing, you can play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games all on one console, which makes it a great value. You can also hack the console, which means that if you have a coder’s mind you can code and mod your own games. This has become enormously popular, as you end up with a totally unique game version suited just for you.

The Games Are Cheap

PS4 and Xbox 1 games are very far from being cheap. Collecting new un-pirated versions of them can leave quite a hefty hole in your pocket. Never fear, however, as PS3 games are much, much more affordable. Collecting all your favorite PS3 games is a breeze. The biggest problem is making sure that you have enough space to store them.

And don’t think that the games are below your interest when it comes to graphics and gameplay either. There are some titles available that will be playable probably forever. Skyrim is a great example of that. In fact, I am STILL playing Skyrim on my PS3, and it’s like my 4th playthrough. Games like FarCry, GTA5 and Yakuza 2 are all still beautiful to play and great to look at. With a modern HDMI TV, one could even be forgiven for forgetting that it is only a PS3.

Discussion Time: Is It Worth Dusting Off Your PS3  In Today's World?

The Technology Is Still Good

And speaking of HDMI TV’s, the technology involved in the PS3 is still very much in play today. Most devices use HDMI cables into TV’s, so setting up your PS3 with your fancy new curved 4K TV shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Sony has some great articles on everything PlayStation, including how to link it to all sorts of screens here. That being said, you may want to upgrade your PS3’s hard drive. The original HDD came out in 20, 40, 60, 80 or 160 gigs, none of which are anywhere near big enough. When I play Skyrim I have to delete absolutely everything off my console, and even then it hangs and can’t save if my save file gets too big.

Get your hands on a SATA 1TB or bigger drive. It’s easy to install, even in the super-thin models. You will most likely need to have a bit of skill with a screwdriver and be sure to put everything back in the right place, but it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. With your new HDD installed, you can now connect to the net and download games to your heart’s content. If your console is jailbroken, you can even mod games and create all-new exciting sandbox opportunities.

It’s A Streaming Box Too

Although not really what it was originally intended for, the PS3 makes a great streaming box. Many of us have more than one TV, and having separate streaming boxes does wonders for family peace. You can set up Netflix and a number of other services on the console as apps, which means that you don’t need to shell out on a whole new smart box.

Setting up your PS3 with your favorite TV should be done in a place of peace and quiet. If you have your own office or gaming room, it’s a great way to take some time out from real life. Let your family squabble of the remote and what they want to watch, while you relax into a comfy chair and play your favorite game, or stream your favorite series.

Be sure that you have a decent chair that will support your back, both for gaming and for streaming. A couch may be good for the lounge, but for your dedicated console TV, you should think about investing in a really good gaming chair. Having bad posture can lead to a number of issues including sore backs, headaches, and grumpy spouses. Having coffee on hand is another great idea. Keep yourself fueled and warm with dark delicious caffeine. You can even make a cup for your partner should you need to buy some mollification and thus more gaming time.

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