Disney To Amy Schumer: We Are Not Amused

JSchumer Star Warsust when you think Amy Schumer couldn’t top her own chaotic comedic genius, she goes even further. As you may have seen or heard, Schumer recently did a raunchy Star Wars-themed photo shoot  that was published in the latest GQ magazine. Now, I have colleagues who do fan art and cosplay that are way more risqué. I think it is quite daring really, though I myself would never do such a shoot.

However, it seems that Schumer made one fatal error: her photo shoot is centered around a Disney property. First, Disney promotes family-friendly entertainment. Topless Slave Leia in bed with R2D2 and C-3PO, or performing fellatio on a light saber is way past the Disney brand. Needless to say, Disney was not happy with the shoot, and said as much in a July 16th tweet from the official Star Wars Twitter account (@StarWars):

Star Wars GQ Tweet

amy-schumer-gq-photo-shootIt is also common knowledge that Disney is very territorial about their work and their holdings. I had the pleasure of meeting Youtube star Steve Kardynal in 2014, where he mentioned that he was waiting for the rights to do a Little Mermaid parody for his channel. The end result was well worth the wait. Plus with the sudden growth of cosplaying as a past time, you can see in the FAQ for Disney parks (such as Disneyworld and Disneyland) that not only are skimpy costumes like the ones found  on prohibited, but additionally, no adult is allowed to be in full costume of any character owned by Disney. After all, they have their own character actors on payroll, so they’re looking out for their employees.  In reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the lengths Disney goes to protect the integrity of their projects.  So a risqué photo shoot sanctioned by GQ definitely has them seeing red. While there is no foreseeable fallout over this, a bit of advice to Ms. Schumer: Keep being the wonderful comedic genius that you are! Just don’t poke the sleeping giant mouse again.


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