Disney Announces Star Wars: XI Release, Lion King, and Others

Disney Announces Star Wars: XI Release, Lion King, and Others

Six of Disney’s upcoming, big name movies just got release dates.

Star Wars: Episode IX, easily the most anticipated of the three films, is slated for May 24, 2019, Memorial Day weekend. This also happens to be exactly one year after the Han Solo standalone movie’s release. The date breaks the pattern set by The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi of Christmas release dates and returns to the old Star Wars standard of summer release dates (just like the first six movies). We don’t know much about the plot yet but they’ll be leaving plenty of time to dole out hints while fans wait. And at least the Han Solo movie will be in there to break up the wait.

Upcoming Disney Sequels

Sequels seems to be a big priority right now if these announcements are to be any indication. Three releases grouped up with Star Wars may be met with excitement or groans depending who hears the titles: Frozen 2, Indiana Jones 5, and Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. It’s hard to imagine any groans following the Wreck-it-Ralph, but fans won’t be happy to hear that the release has been delayed from March of 2018 to November of the same year. Frozen 2 will be met with more excitement than not, despite the oversaturation following the debut of sisters Elsa and Anna, and fans will be flocking to the theater for another installement on November 27, 2019. The final sequel announcement, Indiana Jones, may not get quite the reaction Disney was hoping for, seeing as The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  was just a bit far fetched for fans (apparently the leap from Holy Relics to Aliens Artifacts was farther than some were willing to go). Also with Harrison Ford now in his 70s, fans have concerns as to who will be taking up the mantle. For better or worse the fifth installment of the is slated to open in theaters July 10, 2020, a year later than originally estimated.

Keeping with recent trends, Disney also announced the date of the upcoming live-action Lion King musical, produced by Jon Favreau. He was producer behind the successful Jungle Book live-action movie from last year so fans can have high hopes for this fan favorite series. That will be coming out July 19, 2019.

Other Releases

The last announcement was for the animated story Gigantic, originally scheduled for November of 2018, now slotted for November 25, 2020. The movie will follow the story of a teen and his discovery of a beanstalk and the world of the giants in the clouds. He makes friends with a 60-foot 10 year old and has to help her to find her way home. It seems to be more than just a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling, so here’s hoping for something spectacular from Disney.

There are plenty more movies on the docket so fans can expect many more announcements coming, and hopefully soon. Until then, the excitement from these will just have to hold them over.


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