Disney Character Gets Offed in New Child’s Play (2019) Poster

Child's Play (2019) Chucky for featured image


Here Come the Toys!

This toytown ain’t big enough for the two of these titans. Despite coming from opposite ends of the genre spectrum, Child’s Play and Toy Story 4 have ignited a curious rivalry with back-to-back releases on the same day in June. While their audiences differ, their legacies are cemented in popular culture as icons of horror and animation. Aside from their spanning of the decades, these two franchises share more than the obvious similarity initially seen on the surface. Both tailor to a sense of wonder in childhood, one for the thrill of imagination and another for the uncertainty of the monsters that lie in the dark.

Recognising a good opportunity to get a quick stab at Pixar, the marketing team behind Child’s Play have boldly paid homage to their more family-friendly plastic counterpart.

So Long, Partner

Chucky Child's Play Toy Story poster (med)
Child’s Play (2019) Toy Story poster

The poster declares that there is a new sheriff in town. The suggestion being that the most rootin’-tootin’ cowboy in the west may have got the axe. The trail of blood following the recognisable hat of Woody shows an unfortunate incident. Conclusively, this can be understood as nothing short of exactly what you would expect from Chucky. As the famous Randy Newman lyric does declare “You’ve got a friend in me”. However, Chucky has often proclaimed that he is our friend, until the very end. A sinister connotation now realised with a grim reminder that even Disney characters aren’t safe these days! 

Hi, I’m Chucky! Wanna Play?

This clever ploy by the marketing team will grab a bit of attention. The long-running horror saga has seen its fair share of underachieving entries. This looks to be a grab for a new audience. The obvious rub from the highly profitable Toy Story franchise may give Child’s Play a slight edge in getting a decent box office run. Realistically, the writing is on the wall in terms of the level of success that Toy Story 4 will achieve. Tragically, for our old friend Chucky, the future is less certain. Even in dire straits, the Child’s Play franchise has often cropped back up. Hopefully, this time it is around to stay with a chilling reminder of our childhood nightmares come to life.

Currently, Disney has not issued a clapback to the Orion Pictures production via Twitter. Given the R rating of Child’s Play, it is unlikely that we will see a response. For the time being, this round goes to Chucky. 

With Child’s Play and Toy Story 4 being released on June 21st, Andy’s toys will need to stay inside the toybox to avoid the ire of one ginger-haired killer seeking to make an impact in his return to cinemas.

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