Disney to Keep Deadpool R-Rated


Disney Promises Deadpool Won’t Lose F-Bombs


For decades, Disney has remained the leader of family-friendly entertainment. They are obviously best known for their princesses and theme parks. In the past few years, they got into the superhero world as well. Even with Marvel movies, they never breach the PG-13 line. However, since they purchased 21st Century Fox’s TV and film assets (for $71.3 billion), including Deadpool, some darker themes may be on the horizon. Particularly with the addition of brands like FX and Fox Searchlight.

What Does This Mean for Marvel?

Deadpool unicorn gif
Remember this? Uhh… hey there, Deadpool. Nice unicorn.

Like I said above, Disney’s production of Marvel movies has maintained as much of the family-friendliness as possible. Now, however, there are characters like Deadpool and Logan to worry about. It means some cool stuff is in store, like uniting Deadpool with the Avengers. But fans were worried it would mean Wade Wilson would lose his signature style. 

Not to worry! Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger assured fans that the R-rating will stay when it comes to Deadpool—and other adult-oriented Marvel movies—so the films don’t lose their brand. “We will continue in that business,” he said, noting the popularity of those films was a reason to keep them just as they are.

However, the studio will not be releasing those films under the traditional Marvel or Disney banner. Iger said they will be branding the R-rated ones more carefully “so we’re not in any way confusing the consumer.”

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m super relieved that Deadpool isn’t losing its rating. The character is iconic, and created an almost sub-genre of superhero movies that had more explicit material like sex and swear words. 

I also hope this means we can hear Captain America say f*ck just once.  

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