Disney Streaming Service to Have Marvel Series

Marvel to Debut New Series on Disney Streaming Service

Marvel is a juggernaut in the world of entertainment. So is the Walt Disney Company, the current owner of Marvel. It was only a matter of time before Disney would be creating its own streaming service. After all, Warner Brothers has recently done so with their DC Universe service. Plus it means not having to split profits with another service, such as Netflix (more on that in a bit). This past week, Variety revealed that, along with a Star Wars series, there will be a Marvel series as well. More importantly, it will be directly tied to the movie franchise.

Marvel Cinematic Ties

Disney Marvel Winter Soldier and Falcon team-up series
It certainly sounds connected.

The series, currently untitled, will be focusing on a team-up between Winter Soldier and Falcon. This will be in addition to other rumored series that tie into the MCU, such as ones following Scarlet Witch and Loki. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie appear to be on board for the series as well, reprising their movie roles. It will be roughly six to eight episodes, and will be showrun by Empire writer Malcolm Spellman. No plot details have been revealed, nor has a start date for production been set.


Marvel to Say Farewell to Netflix?

With this big announcement, it is also time to address the elephant in the room. For several years now, Disney and Marvel have had Netflix as their streaming home. Starting with Daredevil, Netflix has created its own franchise with the Marvel characters. However, two of the series, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, have been cancelled. Daredevil, the crown jewel of this interconnected bunch of series, had a major audience drop between season 2 and 3. The Netflix series have also been only tangentially connected to the MCU, with easter eggs and dropped hints. Much like Agents of SHIELD, what was promised to be “all connected” has been anything but connected.

As such, Disney might be making a move to cut Netflix off. These recent cancellations may be in part due to Disney’s plans to host more Marvel content on their new streaming service. This would also allow them to keep more money. It is possible they could move the Netflix series to this new service. It is unlikely that they will reconnect these grounded series to the MCU, but it could reopen the possibility of that promise: “It Is All Connected.”

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