Disney to Remake Black Hole

Black Hole 1979

Over the last week Hollywood is buzzing about a potential Black Hole remake. The Black Hole is a Star Wars clone Disney produced in 1979, although it’s closer in tone to Star Trek. Costing a then impressive 18 million dollars to produce, it is praised as the best Star Wars clone made. Today, it is a forgotten movie that is mostly forgettable and boring.

There might be some legs to this one.  Disney hired John Spaihts to pen the script.  His credits include last Summer’s Prometheus and next year’s Mummy. In Hollywood, if a company hires a script writer, it usually means the studio wants to make progress. If the script falls into the an appropriate cost range, Disney will greenlight the project.

So, why remake the Black Hole? The simple answer is it’s Hollywood. Talks of remakes are commonplace in Hollywood and every movie made has a potential remake down the line. Before this week, Disney’s interest in remaking the Black Hole is similar to how Fox wants to remake Major League at some point. It is always an idea floating around, always on the back burner, and Hollywood is always looking for the right script.

This time, the pressure is on Disney to produce a Black Hole movie because of its recent acquisition of Star Wars from George Lucas. The company might want to prime the public for a slew of Science Fiction movies with a Black Hole one. Personally, I don’t see the logic in that line. It’s Star Wars and it will guarantee to make its money back regardless of the public being ready for it or not.

If successful, Could the Black Hole remake usher in and new era of remakes?Regardless of the reason, the Black Hole is an interesting choice for a remake. If it’s successful, it might usher in an era where kid friendly Science Fiction movies are redone. I can’t wait to see the Flight of the Navigator or a My Science Project remake.


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  • I’ve heard talk about a remake for a few years, I hope they go through with it. As silly and cheesey as it is, it was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

  • Yeah! Step 1: Buyout Lucas related things, Step 2:Dismantle said things, Step 3: Make your own version and persuade people it’s the same, Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit!!!

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