DNEG Studio’s Deadpool Breakdown


DNEG Studio’s Deadpool Breakdown


More Deadpool. It can be said that it is all a person really needs. But we know as fans we can never get enough. It has been a grueling and dry two months since the release of Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut, and to curb your cravings, studio DNEG has given a treat to satiate our appetites. The VFX studio behind many scenes in the film has released a video breakdown detailing some of the VFX edited scenes. It encompasses the work done with green screens, building environments, animation, and digidoubles. Not to mention full CG shots of certain characters. There’s even a glimpse into how they pulled off everyone’s favorite pair of toddler legs.

This video is a perfect way to forget what is real anymore. So if you love VFX or Deadpool or both, check it out below! And be sure to let us know below if your favorite effect was included. Or was your favorite unfortunately left out?

[vimeo 283815196 w=425 h=350]


This video also shows the amount of effort that Hollywood is willing to put into films based on comic properties. As you can glean from the creepily lifelike Josh Brolin model they used for the Cable effects. The amount of time and care that went into making that model shows a level of commitment I only wish they’d had in the early 2000s. I’m looking at you, Daredevil. You can just imagine what that movie could have been with a believable Ben Affleck jumping around on that see-saw. But that’s not really important right now.

DNEG has also worked on projects such as Ant-Man and Pacific Rim; this studio is a shining example of being able to take the art from the pages we read and making it feel as real as possible. If more studios follow their lead and example we can look forward to some eye-pleasing superhero movies coming in the future. 


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