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Doctor Who Line Expands at Hot Topic

10458278_hiWith the growth of nerd culture in the fashion and retail industry, more fandoms are being represented in various stores. The newest addition to fan fashion is a line of Doctor Who inspired clothing at Hot Topic. You may be saying “but Hot Topic has Doctor Who merchandise already. Why are they releasing this line?” Well, this line is a bit different than the t-shirts and random accessories. First off, it is exclusive to Hot Topic, in addition to being a limited edition, which means that they do not expect the line to be around bast the summer. Secondly, the designs of each piece in the line are actually quite well thought out. The open cardigan, which has a repeating print of Cybermen and the TARDIS was well designed and the pattern is not too over the top or conspicuous. This is the perfect gift for even a non-Doctor Who fan. The TARDIS dresses are super fun and perfect for everyday wear as well. The entire line is a great nod to the fandom, perfect for all fashion forward nerds looking to update their wardrobe. Hot topic also carries plus sizes in this line as well, so I am beyond ecstatic. One of their items, the trench coat with the exploding TARDIS inner lining, has captured my heart.


10453816_hiUpon exploring the Hot Topic website, a few of the items are already available online. The one thing that was disappointing to me was that the trench coat was not yet available, and possibly a few other items. Hopefully that will be available soon?

So, fellow, nerds, let’s get out there and get shopping! To Hot Topic, I will be waiting for that coat! To read more about the fashion line on Variety, click here.


Source: Hot Topic, Variety

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