Does Star Wars Episode IX Have A Title?


Star Wars Episode IX: Title TBD?


An eagle-eyed redditor did some digging through JavaScript on the official Star Wars website and uncovered what could be the title of Episode IX. However, the potential title breaks a popular Star Wars naming convention, casting doubts on the legitimacy of the discovery

The Fan Hype Begins

It’s no secret that Star Wars fans love a good mystery. After all, they’re one of the original fandoms, and they cut their teeth discovering details about the latest film in the saga before the internet existed. So, everything from Rey’s parentage to specific character names provides little puzzles for fans to solve. However, JJ Abrams, the master of misinformation, runs the show now. Nothing about the new trilogy is set in stone until the film’s premiere. Remember, Abrams straight up lied about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. So, given the circumstances, any speculation about Episode IX is suspect. But that doesn’t stop ravenous fans from putting their detective skills to the test.

And right now is the perfect time for those fans to begin their hunt for details on the latest instalment. Principal photography on Episode IX is winding down, and that means the film’s title hits the internet soon. Many expected the Disney shareholder’s call earlier this week to reveal the title, but nothing of note came out of the call. However, a particularly sneaky redditor might have uncovered the film’s title: Balance of the Force. The user claims they found the title in the JavaScript of the official Star Wars website along with a working logo for the film. At first glance, the title seems legitimate, but there are three big questions about the authenticity of the title. 

Did a Reddit user crack the code?
Did a Reddit user crack the code?

The Questions At (Severed) Hand

It is completely believable that a reddit user dug up a hidden page of the Star Wars website featuring this artwork and title. People can do incredible things with technology. However, this could be a placeholder page until the actual logo and title go live. Disney and Lucasfilm have a lot riding on Episode IX and won’t be taking any chances following fan anger over The Last Jedi. Second, the word Force in the title. It seems small, but the franchise hasn’t re-used words in their subtitles ever (except articles). Sure, they could buck with tradition, but it still seems too on the nose given the themes of the previous instalment. 

Lastly, the color of the logo in tandem with the potential title raises an eyebrow. The purple logo looks cool. But, it also calls to mind a certain purple villain with a penchant for making sure everything is balanced to an extreme degree. Also, Disney owns the rights to said purple villain. I know, it’s a stretch, but it’s enough to make this writer think they’re playing off of Thanos’s philosophy with a placeholder web page.

So, when can we expect a subtitle for Episode IX? Who knows? Chances are high the studio is waiting until Star Wars Celebration in early April and will reveal the title with the first teaser. The timing ensures Abrams and crew can have principal photography wrapped up. Also, the cast and crew will be on break until re-shoots begin. Stay tuned and we will let you know when Episode IX has an official title!


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