Dragon Age: Those Who Speak

Attention all Dragon Age fans!

Just when you thought the franchise could not get anymore awesome, Bioware has decided to up its game by partnering up with Dark Horse Comics yet again and creating  a 3 issue mini-series for their fantasy genre powerhouse!

Due to hit the shelves of comic book shops everywhere on August 22nd, Dragon Age: Those Who Speak is being written by none other than David Gaider (lead writer for the Dragon Age series) himself as well as Alexander Freed (senior writer for Star Wars Old Republic). While it has not yet been revealed who will be taking point on the artistic side of the team, you can rest assured that the artwork will be very well done.

This newest addition to the franchise follows the exploits of King Alistair as he searches for answers regarding his lost father. However, as with any quest worth its salt, the young king will not be making this quest alone. No, he’s not joined by the Hero of Ferelden, or even the Champion of Kirkwall (because let’s face it, both are relatively busy after the endings of their respective games). Rather, Alistair is instead joined by characters who carried supporting roles in the franchise, but who are no less important to the flow of the plot–Varric Tethras and Captain Isabella.

With such a traveling party, one can safely assume that a fair amount of humor will find its way into the story in order to keep it from getting too dark (especially if Varric and Isabella have anything to say about it).

Suffice to say, this is a series that I will be sure to add to my pull-list when I am next at the comic book shop, and if you’re a fan of Dragon Age and its characters then I advise you to do the same!

Before I go, I feel that I should also point out that Dragon Age: The Silent Grove will be available in hardcover on July 25th after having only been available for digital download. So there you have it…GREAT news for Dragon Age fans!

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