Days Til DragonCon

Dragoncon Diary #4

We hit an important milestone this week–50 days until Dragoncon! Eeep!

50days Dragoncon

The anticipation of this milestone, and finally having a weekend where I was not traveling or otherwise off doing something, actually motivated me to have a rather productive weekend.

First, I had an extra special delivery this week. My Lady Sif prop sword kit that I ordered from CoregeekCreations arrived, and it is gorgeous! The detail in the sculpt from which this cast copy was created is exquisite. It is a raw urethane resin cast straight from the mold, with minor imperfections and mold marks that need cleaned up with filler and sandpaper and then painted and dressed. My original plan was to create my own sword using a blade that was cut and carved from pine by my uncle. But due to time constraints, and my unfamiliarity of this sort of project, I opted to purchase this kit when I found it. I am very happy with the purchase, and I can’t wait to see the final product. This has certainly encouraged me to finish up this project, hopefully in time for Dragoncon!

Lady Sif prop sword kit Dragoncon
Lady Sif prop sword kit by CoregeekCreations.

As far as my other projects…

I can officially say that Fionna is complete! My little Cake plush just arrived in the mail. She is a little smaller than I anticipated, but that’s OK, it’s less to carry.

Jem is about 90% complete. I tried everything on, and some of the seams on the dress popped, so I will need to reinforce them before con. I practiced styling the wig. It didn’t take much time and effort, the Got2B blasting freeze spray certainly did its job! I am not going to spend a lot of time styling the wig now. I’ll just wait until the evening that I am wearing it to do so, and that way it will not get messed up during transport.

Jem wig Dragoncon
Styling test for the wig for Jem. Left side is unstyled, right side is slightly teased and styled with Got2B freeze spray.

Bombshell Batwoman is coming along great. The test for the heat transfer vinyl was successful! It was easy to cut out the shapes, and the household iron adhered the vinyl to the fabric beautifully. Now I will just need to cut the lettering and symbols out of the vinyl and transfer them on. If I have the time (and the patience), then I will attempt to pinstripe around the collar and the sleeves.

As far as the dress, I ripped out the collar and resewed it on straight. This improved the look and fit a lot. I added an invisible zipper to the front of the bodice, which will allow a Batwoman symbol from the heat transfer vinyl to be adhered to the front as well. I’m really nervous about this step – I only have one shot to get it right, or I am resewing the entire bodice! Good thing I have plenty of extra fabric and vinyl, but I hope to not have to use it! I also decided to order a red patent belt instead of making one. I’m sure that will look better in the end. I tried everything on with the athletic socks and cleats and the entire look is coming together.

Bombshell Batwoman dress Dragoncon
Bombshell Batwoman dress progress.

I had issues with the original fabric choice for Harley Quinn’s shorts. The fabric that I have (which was also the fabric that I used for the Bombshell Batwoman dress) was fraying too much at the seams. I decided to scrap it for the shorts (because no one wants a wardrobe malfunction), and order a stronger denim fabric instead. So I am putting this costume aside until I get the new fabric and can make some fabric choices for the shirt as well.

Unfortunately, my motivation streak will be disrupted for a week, as I will be attending an awesome conference for work that I look forward to every year. But it does interrupt my con prep. I hope to get back on track by next weekend when it is over. I have a lot of small items that I purchased online that will be delivered this coming week, from wigs to fabric to accessories. So there will be plenty to do when I can refocus my attention to cosplay again.

Hopefully I will have good progress to report in my next Dragoncon Diary entry. In the meantime, you can check out more progress reports from other cosplayers in the video series Days ‘Til DragonCon, brought to you by Word of the Nerd, in conjunction with Living for the Moments, Shattered Stitch Cosplay and Saturday Morning Cosplay.

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