Days Til DragonCon

Dragoncon Diary #6

Time is ticking… we are now 4 weeks out from the big day. That is less than a month away!

As the time draws closer, I feel that my costume lineup for the weekend is starting to flesh itself out. Some dreams are becoming a reality, others are just fading away in the distance. I finally decided to abandon my favorite Shield Maiden of Asgard, Sif. Well, abandon is such a harsh word. I am just putting the idea on hold until after Dragoncon, when I can give her the proper time and attention that she deserves. I’ll be relocating her to the 2016 roster, which is already shaping up to be quite impressive.

Anyways… back to 2015…

Now that I have eliminated Sif, which was a massive undertaking, I have the time to focus on making the remaining costumes the best that they can be. The stress level has certainly been dialed back a bit, and that is always a good thing.

Bombshell Batwoman received most of my focus this past week. After I resolved the debacle with the vinyl heat transfer, I was able to sew together the new pieces with the salvaged pieces from the original garment. The last hurdle was to figure out the front closure. Installing a zipper after the fact was out of the question, as it would be nearly impossible to line up each side of the bat symbol, and to have it not become a lumpy mess. I decided to take a chance and sew the front together and attempt to slip the dress on over my head. Surprisingly, IT WORKED. I’m able to get it on and off fairly easily, and it looks fantastic. The final step is to add the belt loops, and this dress will be complete.

Bombshell Batwoman dress
Successful vinyl heat transfer on the Bombshell Batwoman dress.

The baseball bat was also returned to me with the etching. It looks fantastic. The only part that was not etched was the small bat symbol on the end of the bat. The dimensions of the bat exceeded the capacity of the machine, and the bat would not fit into it at such an angle to allow for the etching. So it is painted on instead. I picked up some grip tape for the handle to finish it up. The end product is quite amazing.

Bombshell Batwoman bat
Bombshell Batwoman wood etched bat.

My Agent Maria Hill costume from CosplaySky arrived. That was a fairly quick turnaround. That is because I ordered a standard medium size, which they probably had several already in stock. I was happy to get it early, as I will need to make some alterations and upgrades. First, the material was not quite what I expected. I envisioned it to be more of an athletic polyester. Not that it looks bad, it is just different. Second, the fit is a little off. But I am not surprised. I ordered the medium just to have extra room to work with. If I had gotten a small and it was too small, then I would be out of luck. At least with the medium, I can tailor it down to my size. Also, the pants are boot cut. When wearing pants that are tucked inside of boots, a boot cut leg just has too much material to work with. So I will alter the legs to a taper cut to fit into the boots better. Finally, the belt loops need to be repositioned. Additionally, I am upgrading the belt and holster, and incorporating an airsoft Glock gun and a headset. I’m also going to replace the current patches with better patches that I had purchased a while ago.

Agent Maria Hill uniform from CosplaySky.

Finally, I started on the tunic for Prince Gumball. This is for a friend of mine who will be attending Dragoncon for the first time this year. I told him that if he provided the fabric, and cut out the pattern and fabric, that I would sew it. We had a good working session this week, where he held up his end of the deal and cut everything out, while I started sewing the puff and slash sleeves. I started with one sleeve, just to figure out the process. I’ve never sewn those before, but I found a fantastic tutorial online that was a huge help. It is very time consuming, but the result is pretty cool. Not bad for my first attempt! I’ll work on sewing the second sleeve and the rest of the tunic next week, as time permits.

Puff and slash sleeve for Prince Gumball tunic.
Puff and slash sleeve for Prince Gumball tunic.

This weekend, I will be attending a local con, Pensacola Paracon. I will debut my Fionna costume. I like to wear new costumes at smaller cons as a trial run. This will help me identify any issues or problems that need to be resolved before I set sail in the sea that is Dragoncon. Also, it has been extremely hot here in Florida, and Fionna is kind of comfortable and cooler than most of my other costumes.

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