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Dressing Like A Nerd, Like A Boss

From infants right on up to adults, there is a plethora of awesome new geektastic and stylish duds to show off our inner nerds.  So let’s start with the little nerdlets and work our way up.  You can literally plan your entire life cycle of nerdy attire around this article.


First up to show that you were born a true nerd is this awesome and also rather cute Darth Vader one piece that includes head and foot accessories.  Let everyone know that you were born with a little bit of the Dark Side on your side.  Sizes go from 0 to 12 months and can be purchased here.


As you get older and start crawling and walking, you’re going to want to show off your nerd pride and what better way that to wear this awesome Batman Long Sleeve T-Shirt from SuperheroStuff.  At an early age, let everyone see that you are a Dark Knight in training.


When you start school, it’s time to establish your own identity and style.  Seseme Street is so last decade and you want to prove that being a nerd is cool.  You’re not just into superheroes, the bad guys can be cool too.  This Bane short sleeve tee from SuperheroStuff makes the perfect statement that you are a force to be reckoned with.


Your pre-teen and teen years can be some of the best and worst times of your life.  But you are going to face all the trials and tribulations like a boss when you’re sporting this awesome UV ink printed short sleeve Star Wars tee from SuperheroStuff.  It changes color when exposed to light, how awesome is that?


As you graduate from teenager to young adult, your tastes in fashion become a little more sophisticated but you never lose your nerdy edge.  Let them see just how hardcore you can be with this completely amazing Captain Jack Harkness coat from ThinkGeek.


And even in your downtime, you nerdy style and show.  For cold mornings or to put on right out of the shower, this R2-D2 bathrobe from StylinOnline will keep you warm, dry and stylishly nerdy.



So there you have it.  From the cradle right on into adulthood, you can let your geek flag fly no matter where you are.  Be sure to also check out Word of the Nerd’s own line of apparel and other merchandise here.


About the author

Bryan Brown

The founder of Word of the Nerd and semi-fearless leader. Bryan is an all around nerd, from Star Trek to comic books to collecting action figures. If it's nerd related, he's into it or at least has an opinion on it.

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