Dynamite Loses Talent Due To Support Of Comicsgate

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Dynamite Loses Major Talent Over Alt-Right Support


This weekend, Dynamite Entertainment had a revolt on their hands. The comic company, known mainly for licensed work, has seen several pros begin to refuse to work with them. This revolt comes as the publisher began to align itself with the hate movement known as Comicsgate. They began by allowing several Comicgaters to do variant covers (via Indiegogo) for their comics, as part of a vanity press scheme. However, in recent weeks, other signs appeared. The publisher of Dynamite appeared on a Comicsgate program, and this weekend began to promote a sexist Comicsgate comic. 

Mark Russell Puts Dynamite On Notice

Among the comic book talent leading the revolt is Red Sonja scribe, Mark Russell, who took to Twitter

Russell isn’t alone in his refusal to continue additional work with the company. As a result of their actions, several writers, artists, editors, and even fans are refusing to work with, or buy, Dynamite comics.

What Is Comicsgate?

Comicsgate, though billed as a “consumer movement” is a hate campaign waged by far-right former pros and fans against what they term “the death of the industry.” Many of their targets are women, people of color, and LGBT individuals. Comicsgaters consider their presence, either as talent or as characters, to be the downfall of comics. This has led to several harassment campaigns against numerous people by Comicsgaters.

This alt-right group of culture warriors, unfortunately, has some big names in their camp. Ethan Van Sciver disgraced former DC artist is one of the biggest of all. Van Sciver was long known for his far-right beliefs and bullying behavior, the latter leading to DC to drop him entirely.  Other big names currently at major publishers are observed to be flirting with the alt-right movement, much to the consternation of their more liberal fans. 

Culture War In Comics

This is part of a greater culture war in comics and has increased since the election of Donald Trump. Even big names that are Comicsgate adjacent offered to do a comic based on a far-right domestic terrorist. As a result, this led to more persecution of those who deserve greater representation in comics. 

As long as Dynamite Entertainment continues to flirt with the alt-right, a brain drain of comics’ best and brightest will occur. It is terrifying to realize what kind of people they will be left with.




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