EA E3 Press Conference Overview

Back again with more E3 Press Conference overviews! This time we’ll be taking a look at what EA had to show us. There are loads of games on the docket so strap in and see what we’ve got.


Sim City

Not only did Maxis announce a new Sim City for PC, which was a long-time coming, but also announced Sim City Social – a Sim City game for Facebook. With the Facebook version of the Sims already so popular, it seems only natural that Sim City would also make the social network jump. And hey, it has to be better than Farmville, right?



Battlefield 3

The big announcement here was the Battlefield 3 Premium Membership. This giant add-on to Battlefield 3 is going to cost $49.99 USD at the outset, but offers a massive amount of new content, some 100+ hours. In addition to new items, dogtags, and goodness knows what other in-game swag, players will be treated to five expansion packs of content, the first of which is already available to play on PS3. Each new expansion pack offers a different approach to gameplay, and they are all looking pretty freakin’ sweet.


The Old Republic

After a huge initial launch and more Star Wars puns than you can shake a stick at, Bioware wants fans to know that The Old Republic is still going strong. After the rapid deflation of the Star Trek MMO, that reassurance is nice to hear. Announcements today included an upcoming new world to explore, a new “Nightmare” difficulty level for veteran players, more PVP warzones, increased level-caps for all classes, as well as new companions and new playable species (currently announced new player-species: the Cathar!!). The Old Republic is going free-to-play up to lvl 15 this July.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor is promising some real-world parallels with locations and incidents connecting to actual world events. Loads of slowmo and gameplay were shown as well as an announcement of 12 units for multiplayer.


The First UFC Fighting Game

While no gameplay was shown for this title and no release date was set, EA was proud to confirm an upcoming UFC game. In fact, the game will be available in 175 countries and 22 languages when it does indeed finally drop.


Need for Speed: Most Wanted

What initially seemed a bit more like Burnout than Need for Speed, this new title in the Need for Speed franchise is taking an interesting new direction. More than just trying to outclass your friends by outspeeding them on the course, your goal is to become the “most wanted” of your friends by racking up the Speed Points for doing just about anything and everything in the game. This game is set to launch October 30th.


Crysis 3

Closing out EA’s press conference was Crysis 3. We got to see some new gameplay and a look at the Nanosuit, which offers the player a considerable amount of power – missiles were even having a tough time taking the player down! Crysis 3 will introduce seven areas known as “The Seven Wonders”. This game is set to launch in February, 2013.


And that’s what we’ve got so far from EA! Did you see anything you liked? Is there something you want more information about? Do you feel like EA really missed out on announcing something? Let us know in the comments!

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