Eaglemoss Announces Star Trek: Discovery Collectibles

Bring Home The Ships of Star Trek: Discovery

Collectibles are great. They allow fans to bring home a piece of their favorite properties. In the case of beloved sci-fi franchises like Star Trek, they make fantastical worlds a reality. The demand for these sorts of collectibles is nearly limitless. Furthermore, with the advent of Star Trek: Discovery, new iterations of the franchise mean new collectibles to sink your wallet into.

Star Trek Discovery ships
Eaglemoss has unveiled a set of new collectibles based on CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery.

The latest Star Trek series, Discovery found its way to CBS All Access in the fall of 2017. After a short break, the show is back to finish out its first season. The series went through a few production hiccups, and fans are divided in their reactions to the series. But, to many, new Star Trek is better than no Star Trek at all.

So, with a new series on television, Eaglemoss Collections is boldly going forward with a set of collectibles based on the ships of Star Trek: Discovery. Naturally, this is likely the first of many waves of Discovery-based collectibles.

The Details

The collection boasts a dozen ships featured in season one of the series. Each model is a die-cast recreation based on the original VFX models used in the show. Furthermore, Star Trek expert Ben Robinson oversaw the entire process and CBS officially authorized the collection. Each model measures 8″ to 10″ and comes with a display base.

To celebrate, Eaglemoss is offering a heck of a deal for die-hard Discovery fans. If you use their subscription service, you’ll receive the U.S.S. Shenzhou for $9.95. After that, you will receive one model a month for the remainder of 2018 for only $45. Individually, each figure runs $55, so that’s a 20% savings for subscribers! The Shenzhou is set to ship before January 31st, so act fast!

Of course, other companies will offer high-end collectibles as Discovery continues. But this is a great option for Star Trek fans on a budget!

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