Early Gamora Concept Art Was Very Different


Charlie Wen Posted Early Gamora Concept On Instagram


By now, Marvel fans are familiar with Gamora’s green look Zoe Saldana sported in Guardians of the Galaxy back in 2014. However, Charlie Wen showed us some throwback images to early concept art for the character. Let me say, she could have turned out very differently. 

The Look

I personally loved Gamora’s look from the film, but the concept art Wen put up is really cool too. In these works, Gamora looked more like a cyborg and more closely resembled her sister Nebula (portrayed by Karen Gillan). However, the studio decided to go with the simpler design because the intricacy of the original was just too complex. “This was a design Kevin Feige was very interested in for Gamora,” Wen told Looper. “But it was ultimately more difficult to pull off the intricate tech on her face than it was worth.

What Charlie Wen Said

In his captions, Wen explained the ideas further and what they wanted to accomplish. “In some of these early concepts of Gamora, like Rocket, my responsibility was to create a new design realm for the MCU through designing the characters and key moments,” Wen wrote on Instagram. “So a lot of my focus was primarily on setting the tone and feel for the Guardians series.” He also explained the need for the saturated colors because he and James Gunn wanted a “colorful space epic.”

The Process

Wen also posted about the process of creating the images, and that he didn’t necessarily include specific scenes from the film, but drew out moments of character. “In early stages, it can be more helpful to a project to hone in on the tone and feel of a project rather than on specifics of design,” he wrote in another caption. “These were to serve as inspiration images and help propel my conversations with the producers and directors.”

I think these images are stunning and would have looked great on camera. But ultimately, I love how Gamora’s look ended up. Either way, we can all agree she’s awesome and Zoe Saldana would kill every scene no matter how she looked. 


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