Earth 2: Under New Management

Just twelve short months ago the New 52 reboot of the Justice Society, Earth 2,  hit the shelves. New versions of the JSA characters, a whole world to explore, all under the control of James Robinson, how could this not be good? It started with the deaths of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman; yes, I said started. Over the last year we have seen new interpretations of classic characters, origins, and more than a few fights. Several weeks ago Robinson shocked the world when he tweeted that he was leaving Earth 2 and DC Comics. I am a big boy, I get it, things change. I was surprised by the announcement, more than a little curious about the reasons, and a little disappointed. The journalist in me still wants to know why he left. I may never know, so I too move on. How would Earth 2 continue without its scribe? Notice that I said “would” and not “could”.


Earth 2 #1
Earth 2 #1


I knew that James Robinson would be replaced on the book, even though there were some people speculating that it would end the series since it was largely Robinson’s brain-child. The JSA, in any incarnation, are integral characters to the history of the DC Universe. Well, they used to be before… uhh, they will be again when Crisis on New 52 Earths (or some such) happens. Either way, they are great characters including Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl, and oh so many more. The show must go on, and so it will. DC Comics has announced the name of the writer who will take the reins of Earth 2, with issue #17 in October, and it’s Tom Taylor.


Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor


Tom Taylor was an Australian playwright before being hired by Dark Horse Comics in 2008 to write Star Wars: Invasion. By 2011 Taylor was writing for DC Comics on projects like National Comics: Rose and Thorn, and DC Universe Online Legends. Most recently he has been working on Injustice: Gods Among Us. He has achieved some success with the comic that serves as a prequel to the epic video game of the same name. The 5th issue of Injustice: Gods Among Us  broke into Diamond’s Top 100, beating several of DC Comics other titles. Changing writers on a series can be difficult from a continuity standpoint. Good news on that front: artist Nicola Scott will be staying on the book!  Scott, who has been illustrating Earth 2 since the beginning, has a clean, crisp artistic style that seems perfectly fit for active characters like Flash and Hawkgirl. I am glad to see that she will be staying on to help transition in the newcomer Taylor.


Injustice: Gods Among Us
Injustice: Gods Among Us


Some of you may still be concerned. In my opinion, Earth 2 is a pretty big deal in the DC Universe, present and future. It’s no secret that Robinson’s plan was to have the two worlds meet by late 2013. There’s no telling if that particular story will happen as planned. For all we know that was the sticking point that led to Robinson’s departure. Taylor was coy in a recent statement, “I’m a big fan of what James and Nicola have created so far with Earth 2, and I’m honored to be adding to this world, with its rich characters and its many mysteries. Earth 2 is entering a new age, and I’m thrilled to usher in this new age with my good friend, and fellow Australian, Nicola Scott. It was good of DC Comics to give Australia our own Earth to play with. We’ll try not to wreck the joint.” I really don’t know what to expect from this change, or from Taylor. What I do know is that the ground-work has been laid for a truly epic world, full of fantastic, proven characters, and even a new Batman (click for my thoughts on who it is under the cowl), introduced weeks ago in Earth 2 Annual 1. I’ll be sticking with Earth 2, Tom Taylor, and Nicola Scott and you should too. Tell me you don’t want to see Batman vs. Batman….LIAR!



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John is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is currently a retail manager in a company who shall remain nameless. He is the father of three awesome children, despite his parenting. He has loved comics, books, television, movies, and gaming for as long as he can remember, and uses any excuse to escape into worlds of fantasy and intrigue. His Dad called his room the Bat Cave when he was growing up and had no idea of the significance.

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