eBook Review – Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon

  • Author: Delilah S. Dawson
  • Publisher: Del Rey
  • Release Date: November 24th, 2015
  • Pages: 60


The Perfect Weapon is a new short story set in the star wars canon, just before The Force Awakens. That makes it the furthest canon story in the Star Wars canon, at least until The Force Awakens comes out (followed by what I assume will be a flood of New Republic Era novels and comics). It is a clever little novelette that introduces a fascinating new character and gives us a little glimpse into the current state of the galaxy.

Bazine Netal is a shadow. On the outer rim planet of Chaaktil, she was trained to be a spy and an assassin. She can effortlessly blend in wherever she goes, and strikes with deadly efficiency. Our story picks up when Bazine gets a job from a mysterious hooded figure via an antique service droid. Her task is to track down an ex-stormtrooper living in a New Republic treatment center, and steal a metal case in his possession. Naturally she takes the mission, and nothing goes as expected.

The Perfect WeaponBazine’s story is interesting enough, although it is hard to see how it connects to The Force Awakens. Best guess is that the MacGuffin in the story (a metal case) will show up in the upcoming film, even if none of the characters in this story do.

The story does suffer from some awkward dialogue and a plodding middle act that sometimes makes very little sense. In exchange for borrowing a starship, Bazine has been tasked by the owner to mentor a young man who wants to learn to be a rogue agent, just like her. During their flight, she dresses herself up in several disguises, leading him to believe that there is actually an entire crew on the ship, before finally revealing her methods. She does all this to prove to him that she can disappear and fool anyone, right after telling him that she can. It’s a ridiculous and frankly unbelievable scenario.

Once they arrive at their destination, however, things pick up. The third act involves at least two big twists I didn’t see coming, much to my delight. The entire third act, and particularly the finale, are definitely where this story shines.

On it’s own The Perfect Weapon is an interesting, if not particularly stellar, novelette about a shadowy space assassin. As a part of the new Star Wars canon, however, it is an intriguing look into the structure of the New Republic and the state of the galaxy just before The Force Awakens, with a possible teaser to an element of the film. If you are a huge Star Wars fan or a completionist, you might find something to like in The Perfect Weapon. Casual fans should give it a miss.

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