Superman Versus The Alt-Right

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Superman Saves Immigrants, Breitbart Goes Berserk

In the latest issue of Action Comics, Superman saves a group of immigrants from another person. This other person is depicted as a blue-collar conservative, recently out of work. He wrongly blames the immigrants for his loss of employment and Superman swoops down in the nick of time to save innocent lives.

Typical of Superman, right? Saving the day and all that? Well, this act has angered people in the real world. Right-wing media outlets such as FOX News and Breitbart immediately attacked the issue. Conservative fans sent nasty tweets, in the style of their MAGA overlord, to writer Dan Jurgens. They are outraged! How dare Superman protect illegal immigrants?! How dare they depict white conservatives as evil racists?! Let’s ignore the fact this act was set up by Mr. Oz to showcase man’s inhumanity! The honor of white American is at stake!

Superman enemy

People…sit down and take a breather!

Right Wing Noise Machine

Let’s first give Dan Jurgens a chance to rebut Fox and Friends:

Pretty simple, right? By focusing on the people he’s saving, the conservative blowhards are forgetting what Superman does. He saves people, no matter who they are or where they come from. Secondly, nowhere in the actual book does it say the immigrants are actually undocumented, (which doesn’t make a difference, anyway).

Are they are forgetting that Superman himself is an immigrant and an undocumented one at that? That he is the creation of Jewish immigrants during a time when they were persecuted? What do you expect Superman to do, turn them over to ICE?

He doesn’t do that. It’s not his job.

His job is to protect innocent people, no matter who they are, from being hurt. How he’s able to balance that with being a father and a reporter is another superpower unto itself. Also, do you really want to back the entitled jerk, wearing the flag of treason, wanting to kill people over the job he thinks is his by right of the color of his skin? NO!

Superman Has Always Been Political

PSA - Superman tolerance 1949 (reprinted 1950) (582x800)There is also a segment of people on the right that is screeching “Get your liberal politics out of my Superman! Get all politics out!” Need I remind you, again, Superman and comics have always been political. And much of the time this has been liberal politics. In his very first issue, Superman stops the execution of an innocent woman AND political corruption by Nazi sympathizers. Another early issue has him tearing down slums to force Metropolis to build proper housing for the poor. In the case of this latest issue, Superman is just doing the right thing. The right thing isn’t “liberal”, it’s common human decency.

Look, I know diversity is a hot-button issue right now, with alt right trolls attacking anyone promoting it. But attacking Superman for saving innocent lives and siding with domestic terrorists is NOT a good argument. DC has been tackling political stories for decades, and sometimes one must be confronted with ugly truths.

If these people have to attack Superman over doing the right thing, then they are not Superman fans. They are not for “Truth, Justice, And The American Way.” They have no right to wear the S-shield, and that includes you, KellyAnne Conway!

To the people criticizing Superman, you have sided with villains and domestic terrorists. You have sided with hate, fear, and lies. There is nothing “Super” about that.

I side with Superman. Doing the right thing is hard, and it can’t be summarized in a tweet or a catchphrase. It sometimes means going against what the mob wants. And in that, there is character. There is strength. There is justice. And there is Superman.

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