Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus – Driven To Success


Tempus May See The Same Sucess As Other Tech Startups By Eric Lefkofsky


Eric Lefkofsky is definitely a name that generates a lot of buzz in Chicago and nationwide. It could be because of his history with multi-billion dollar tech startups or his ground-breaking medical company called Tempus. In an interview with A Drink With, he explains the details of his personal and professional life to show that he is just a regular guy.

Much like any other tech startup in the country, the CEO of Tempus is a workaholic with an early start to the day. According to the aforementioned interview, He rushes into the office at 6 AM in the morning, if not earlier. His concentration on his work takes precedence over his own wellbeing as his meal breaks last only a few minutes.

Eric Lefkofsky
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Because of such a hectic lifestyle, he has a habit of isolating work from his free time. He resists the urge to check his phone or read emails and it allows him more time for his family. He may not have the time to start a new hobby, but he at least is able to put his kids to bed at night. Life as a relatively wealthy CEO does not come without its sacrifices.

His previous focus in life had been amassing money from his tech startups and venture capital company. His current passion is transforming the medical industry so that we may fight cancer in a more organized fashion. The problem with the medical industry’s current understanding of cancer is due to the fact they rely on incomplete data from select trials. Since Tempus is able to connect medical records at an international level, the world may have a clearer picture of this disease.

His desire to accumulate wealth came at a young age, in which he dreamed of becoming a businessman. With relative financial success, his desires strayed into ideas that will change the world. This is where his new company can satiate his need for impacting the world while also making a profit.

Speaking of profit, Eric Lefkofsky amassed quite a lot of venture capital for his medical software. In a recent fund-raising effort, the company received over $80 million from multiple sources. With all of this money, the company is valued over $1.1 billion, making it one of the biggest successes in Chicago. The staff of the company is growing rapidly to keep up with the demand, so this money will likely be put to good use.

The tech business community of Chicago has its eyes on the company of Eric, considering that the city does not have the same prestige as Silicon Valley. There is extra confidence from investors considering that Eric had also made record profits from his previous ventures.

According to Eric himself, his database contains records of up to 30 percent of cancer patients in the United States. It is an amazing feat considering how fragmented clinics, hospitals, and research centers are from each other. Taking it to a new extreme, his company is even digitizing handwritten records so that it is also viewable in the database.

A big data project at this level had never been seen before in the cancer industry. They are working around the clock to structure the decentralized data so that researchers may have a better picture of the results. Molecular data is also tagged with information so that a genetic component may be examined to calculate cancer risks. With this data being available via the internet, doctors may take it around the world to help with a cancer diagnosis at a micro level.

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