Evanna Lynch Finished Third on Dancing With the Stars

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Evanna Lynch Was the Second Runner-Up on DWTS


The Harry Potter Star Came In Third Place Behind Bobby Bones and Milo Manheim

Evanna Lynch and her partner Keo Motsepe made it all the way to the finale of Dancing With the Stars! I covered the first four weeks and now I’m here to tell you how Luna Lovegood performed the rest of the season.

Week 5: Disney Night

For Disney night, Team Kevanna had Tangled for their movie and jazz for their style. They danced an upbeat routine to “When Will My Life Begin?” Evanna said Rapunzel was her favorite Disney princess and she was excited to take on the role. The routine was packed full of classic jazz steps, kicks, and partner work.

The judges seemed to like it, but it didn’t blow them away. Len Goodman said it was lovely but not spectacular. Bruno Tonioli praised Evanna’s confidence and technical work, but reminded her about phrasing and staying on beat. Carrie Ann Inaba said Evanna looked like a princess but ultimately agreed with Bruno about staying on beat. All three scored her an eight.

Week 6: Halloween Night

This week, Evanna and Keo danced the tango to Rihanna’s “Disturbia.” Evanna was dressed as a black cat and she owned that role. Tango is not one of my favorite dances, but I actually loved this routine. Evanna slayed it! There was so much tango content – which is hard – and she hit every step. The judges also loved this dance and overwhelmingly saw this as the turning point for Evanna. Len loved the content and the technical detail she showed. He scored her a nine because her frame needed work. Bruno said she “went from tame pussycat to a wild panther!” He praised her strength and control, which she lacked in previous weeks. He scored her a ten! Carrie Ann said Evanna was fierce and deserved tens for that routine, and gave her just that! These were Evanna’s first tens of the season!

Week 7: Country Night

This week included team dances, so Evanna danced twice. Her first dance was a rumba to “Every Little Thing” by Carly Pearce, who performed the song while Team Kevanna danced. Evanna mentioned the song meant a lot to her because she had recently been through a break-up. Although she and Keo joked about being unfamiliar with country music – she from Ireland and he from South Africa. Rumba is a difficult dance, but when done right, looks effortless. That was how Evanna looked. Dreamy and beautiful. 
Bruno loved that she owned her sensuality and hit every accent of the dance. Carrie Ann said Evanna had become a real dancer and praised her transformation. Len said “There was nothing there that I didn’t like” and praised the expressiveness of the dance. This dance earned Evanna her first perfect score!

For the team dance, Evanna was part of Team Hay now, which also had Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess, Milo Manheim and Whitney Carson, and John Schneider and Emma Slater. They performed an adorable dance to “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton. Evanna was the only female in the group who wasn’t the pro, and she kept up with them perfectly. Sharna, Whitney, and Emma are all incredible dancers, so that was not easy. The team earned a ten from Carrie Ann, a nine from Len, and a ten from Bruno.

Week: 8 Semi-Finals

This week also had two dances, but not in teams. Evanna first performed a contemporary, and since the first dance was a dedication, she dedicated her to her friend and director Simon Fitzmaurice. He directed Evanna in My Name is Emily. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2017. The dance was a wonderful tribute to him. Evanna hardly touched the ground between all the lifts and spins. It ended with a shot of an empty director’s chair with S. Fitzmaurice printed across the back.

The performance moved the judges and all scored her tens. But the real moment for this dance came after, when, prior to their scores, host Erin Andrews asked Keo how it felt to make it to the semi-finals. Keo has done eight seasons of the show and never made it that far before. He had no words for Erin, he only pulled Evanna into a tight hug and shed a few tears.

The second dance was a judge’s choice for the couple to re-do. The judges chose the foxtrot, which Team Kevanna originally did week one. They performed to “Rewrite the Stars” from The Greatest Showman. The turns, footwork, and frame created beautiful lines and really showed off how much Evanna improved. The judges all praised her confidence and growth. Carrie Ann scored her a ten, while Len and Bruno scored her nines.

Week 9: Finale

Another week of two dances. This week, the couples chose a dance to re-do and then they did the famous freestyles.
Evanna and Keo chose to re-do their Halloween tango. It was just as fierce as the first time, with a little more power. Evanna was once again among the female pros and he was the leader of the pack. Her black, backless dress twirled all over the stage and turned her into the smoke show she truly is. The judges again praised her improvement and confidence and all scored her tens.

After this dance, they played for Evanna a video of Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), giving Evanna some words of encouragement. “I’m so proud of you,” Emma said. “I don’t know where those dancing skills came from but you are unbelievable.” Evanna was visibly touched by the support.

Several Harry Potter actors showed Evanna lots of love on social media throughout her journey, including Afshan Azad (Padma Patil), Katie Leung (Cho Chang), and Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley). Katie and Bonnie both attended a show of Dancing With the Stars to show support in person.

Evanna’s final dance was a quirky freestyle to “It’s Oh So Quiet” by Bjork, Evanna’s favorite song. This freestyle had everything, from fast and slow to contemporary and classic. It was bright and colorful while controlled and fun. Evanna got to flip around and dance right in front of the camera. It really encompassed her and everything she had learned. The judges thought so too. On her last dance, Evanna earned perfect scores!


Sadly, the mirror ball went to Bobby Bones and his partner Sharna Burgess. While I was happy for Sharna – who like Keo has never won before – I was disappointed for Evanna.  I’m such a fan of her and loved seeing this side of Luna Lovegood. She became an incredible dancer and I really thought she deserved it.

Since the show ended, Evanna posted to social media her gratitude for the experience and her love for her partner, Keo. Now, she is back home with her podcast and her fluffy cat. 


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