Evanna Lynch is On Dancing With the Stars and She’s Killing it

Evanna Lynch (photo credit Jason Clarke Photography)


Luna Lovegood is on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars
and She’s Honestly Killing It

When the cast of season 27 of Dancing With the Stars was announced, I was excited for two people in particular:  Joe “Grocery Store” Amabile of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and, more importantly, Evanna Lynch, who played the beloved Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films.

Week 1

Evanna Lynch - Dancing with the Stars
Evanna Lynch – Dancing with the Stars

The first week, Evanna and her pro partner Keo Motsepe (#TeamKevanna) performed a foxtrot to Aly & AJ’s “Do You Believe in Magic?” I didn’t know what to expect when I watched Evanna dance, but I was blown away. First of all, because she said in her video package before the dance that dancing schools turned her away. Then when she came out she danced like a total pro.

She wore a beautiful turquoise gown that flowed with every charming dip and turn Keo led her through. She smiled and kept her frame and I thought her extensions were lovely. The judges agreed and didn’t hesitate to make Harry Potter references in their reviews. Judge Bruno Tonioli even joked, “It’s a long way from Hogwarts, isn’t it? Not quite as scary.” Evanna laughed and replied, “Oh my God, it’s a hundred times more scary!”

Overall, the judges were fair and agreed that Evanna has talent. And she does! They scored her low, with Carrie Ann Inaba giving a 7, Len Goodman giving a 5 (I jumped out of my chair at the injustice), and Bruno Tonioli giving a 6. Evanna seemed a little bummed by the scores, but it encouraged her to work harder.

Week 2

The second week had two nights where each couple danced both nights. The first night’s theme was New York and the second night’s theme was Las Vegas. For New York night, Evanna and Keo danced a New York Fashion Week inspired samba. This samba was sassy AF. Evanna wiggled those hips and whipped that high pony around like Ariana Grande herself. At the end, host Tom Bergeron said, “Luna is all grown up!” Carrie Ann and host Erin Andrews both described the performance as “fierce.” Her hard work paid off, as all three judges gave her an 8!

Vegas night stayed within the sassy realm. Evanna and Keo performed a jive that was upbeat and fun and told a cute story about a cookout in the desert. Evanna maintained her momentum for the second night and earned all 8s from the judges once again, who praised her for her emerging feistiness and getting the most from each movement.

Week 3

Week three was the stars’ most memorable year. Evanna, being a Potterhead, chose the year she got the part of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In her video package, she talked about writing letters to JK Rowling and their correspondence. She said that Harry Potter helped her through a terrible eating disorder. Harry Potter brought her joy and she was so thrilled that JK Rowling was excited that she got the part. It was really beautiful. So, she and Keo danced a stunning Viennese waltz to “Hedwig’s Theme.” She wore a midnight blue (Ravenclaw pride, perhaps?) dress and accompanying cloak to give it more of a wizarding feel, and they danced across the ballroom lit up like the night sky. She looked Yule Ball ready.

This dance earned Evanna her highest scores yet! Bruno said “Your magic is stronger than ever and we’re all under your spell,” and scored her dance a 9. He praised the speed, saying “It was like trying to catch the Golden Snitch.” Carrie Ann praised Evanna’s growth and the dimensions in the dance. She scored them a 9 as well. Len appreciated the proper elegance and quality of a Viennese waltz (Len is a stickler for proper content) and said “That was a magic performance!” before also giving a 9!

Week 4

Week four was trio night! Harry Potter co-star Scarlett Byrne, who played Pansy Parkinson in the films, joined Evanna and Keo to perform a salsa to “Black Magic” by Little Mix. I’m telling you, Slytherins and Ravenclaws make a great team! Those two had great chemistry and Scarlett had no trouble keeping up with Evanna or Keo. And the lifts in this salsa were so high! They might as well have been on the Quidditch pitch! At one point, Evanna was gripping Keo round the shoulders with just her legs while he spun her around at basically his height. It was incredible!

The judges loved this salsa as well. They scored lower this time, each giving an 8, but were overall impressed with the way Evanna was improving week to week. Len liked the amount of salsa content in the routine and only said that she needed a bit more hip action for that style. The other judges agreed but also praised how much Evanna shone while on the floor. I was surprised no one mentioned the lifts, but hey, maybe they were as speechless as I was!

What’s To Come

We Potterheads need to come through for our girl Luna! Evanna and Keo were in jeopardy this week, and even though Tinashe and partner Brandon were ultimately the ones voted off, it was pretty close. You can watch all of Evanna’s performances on the Dancing With the Stars YouTube channel or on abc.com. But mostly, we gotta vote for Evanna. Vote by calling the numbers right after the show or by going online at abc.com.

Next week is Disney night and then comes the Halloween special. I cannot wait to see what #TeamKevanna has in store for this!


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