Book Review – Ever After (The Hollows #11)

  • Series: The Hollows #11
  • Publisher: Harper Voyager
  • Pub. Date: Jan. 22, 2013
  • Pages: 448


Ever After coverNew readers will feel lost from the beginning with the tremendous amount of backstory they’ve missed prior to EVER AFTER. Kim Harrison’s effort shows in the tidbits she’s snuck in to catch readers up on events, but that is almost impossible to do, as so many plots come to a head in what “had been” slated to be this action-packed paranormal series finale. However, EVER AFTER is an excellent example of the author’s thorough world-building, from individual species culture and interaction to her made-up swear words.

Rachel has been meaning to fix the ley line she bungled — the one that has been slowly draining the magical space out of the demonic “Ever-After” realm. Now, the soul-eater demon Ku’Sox has sabotaged her line to kill all the demons in days, meanwhile convincing them that Rachel is the culprit. Rachel will need help from pixies, elves, gargoyles, vampires and other demons, just to survive until the weekend and keep all magic from disappearing from the world.

My teaser list:

* Many kidnappings
* Newt gets knocked out
* Look! Elf babies!
* Gargoyles, gargoyles everywhere! Did I mention there’s allot of them?
* Nick and Pierce are back!

Complaint list:

* Ivy has very little page time. The Page count just wouldn’t fit her in for much of the book. Besides, she’s growing apart from Rachel, making her own life. Still, it isn’t “The Hollows” without her.
* How dare the author murder . .  the two good — Ok, “relatively good” — characters of the three that she did! Talk about emotional trauma!
* Jinx, Ivy, and Bis have a future outside of Rachel. Why doesn’t Rachel’s love life get hope? That ending “should” have kept on going in the happily-ever-after direction for the sake of our closure.

There aren’t many characters I want something better for, but Rachel Morgan has been on my short list of ones for whom I cheer. Although the world gets saved and many outstanding subplots receive their ending, I feel like Rachel is left out in the cold. No matter how many friends she has, she remains alone. I hope that Kim Harrison can find a way to reward Rachel for her years of service to creature-kind in some fashion soon.

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