Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Quest X

The upcoming Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online (Rise of the Five Tribes Online) from Square Enix is bringing a plethora of innovations to the ever-changing MMORPG landscape. DQX will be available in Japan on August 2nd, but there is no release date yet for Europe and North America.

Here’s a quick look at the features of the game to get you caught up to speed.

DQX is the first Wii MMORPG

The Wii turns six years old this year, and it’s well known that the gaming platform has lagged behind the PS3 and XBox. Granted, the Wii has always filled a different, more casual niche than other gaming platforms. The Wii is more of a party toy, after all.

Dragon Quest X will be the first MMORPG game made for the Wii, and thanks to the Wii U’s backwards compatibility, it can be played on the new Nintendo console as well. The Wii U is due out late this year.

DQX will have six playable races

In Dragon Quest X, players will have the ability to chose between a male or female human. However, at some point in the game, player characters will undergo a transformation that will turn them into one of five tribes.


We’ve got the traditional fantasy fare in the Ogre, Elf, and Dwarf classes, but unique to the DQ universe are the Puklipo and Weddie classes. A Puklipo is a small, gnome like creature, while the Weddie appears to be a humanoid fish.

DQX will be free for 2 hours a day

Dragon Quest X will cost a monthly fee of 1,000 yen ($12 USD). But in an effort to encourage kids to play, Dragon Quest X will set aside two hours a day when players can game for free. Dubbed “Kids’ Time,” the pocket for free time will be 4 to 6 PM on weekdays and 1 to 3 PM on weekends. The game will save itself and disconnect automatically if the account has no credits to pay for further play.

The times were specifically chosen to cater to Japanese schoolkids, and how “Kids’ Time” will be accomplished in the North American market is not known.

DQX will allow you to earn XP when you are signed off

To level up in Dragon Quest X, a player does not need to grind every day. The game will include a feature called “Support Comrades.” While you are offline, a friend can use your character as his or her companion, and the both of you will earn experience and gold.

Another feature is “Vitality Balls,” which will allow players to charge their time offline to double gold and experience.

DQX will require a USB Stick

The game will require a 16GB or greater USB Stick, apparently to save some game data externally. There are a number of official DQX sticks available for purchase, of course. There’s also one included in the special bundle pack, along with the new black Wii, a controller, a prepaid subscription card, a copy of the game, and a unique in-game item.

And finally, here’s the latest trailer, a whopping 11 minutes long. In Japanese. But hey, plenty of gameplay and cinematic footage!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4C9OVuA1us]



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  • “The Wii is more of a party toy, after all.”

    For a video game journalist, the author sure is ignorant.

    • Ouch. You apparently disagree. Compared to other gaming platforms, I think that the Wii has been marketed more as a toy for all ages than the “hardcore” gaming consoles of the PS3 and XBox.

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