Expand Your Vocabulary the Fun Way Thru These Noteworthy Apps


Are you looking for ways to improve your vocabulary? Unfortunately, most people, or at least, those struggling with unfamiliar words are either so busy with work or are simply out of touch with what the modern world has to offer. You will be surprised to know what improving your linguistic skills can do to your life. For starters, it will help to improve your writing skills. In addition to this, arming yourself with a robust vocabulary can help improve your communication, listening, and reading skills. Increasing your vocabulary will certainly help you to impress potential clients, employers, and your boyfriend/girlfriend, especially if you master using the new words you learn the right way. One thing to note is that some career options have set the bar too high when it comes to fluency in speaking correct English, word construction, and even pronunciation.

Today, learning new words isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to cram the dictionary or read 5 novels a week to do so, at least not anymore. This is because thanks to technology, you have a plethora of tools that make it so easy at your disposal. To unshackle the wordsmith in you, you’ll only need to have an internet-enabled device and to sacrifice at least two minutes of your time bulking up on new words. There are apps out there that will make learning new words pain-free and less complicated.

Without further ado, here’s how to learn new words the fun way through these noteworthy apps.


If you’ve played or watched your friends playing scrabble or Lexulous to mention but a few, then you know that it’s really not about being a genius to play with big words. The goal of Unscramble is to engage your mind into not only learning new words; but learning them in a way that you can remember and use them correctly. The App was developed by the folks at Unscramble.Online to sharpen your creativity by allowing you to play around with letters and forming different words from them. The main concept of this app is to allow you to recreate different words using the same letters entered in the text field. For instance, the word “grammatical” when unscrambled will generate words such as mailgram, magmatic, tragic, martial, agamic, gamma, etc. as you can see, it’s the same letters generating different words, sometimes in a different number of letters. So why do I need this app?… you might ask. Well, the truth is, as you unscramble different words, you’ll have the benefit of creating more words that are different in meaning using a variety of Unscramble dictionaries.

Expand Your Vocabulary the Fun Way Thru These Noteworthy Apps

Vocabulary Builder

For an app that will put your word skills to the test, Vocabulary Builder is above the bar. It’s built with different game options that make the app more fun to learn new words. For instance, you have the option of playing “Match the Word” where you have to pin the correct meaning from a single word. But don’t be fooled, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You are only provided with two meanings under one name and you must choose the correct meaning. Other games in this app that can help sharpen your vocabulary skills include “Random” and “Match the Definition.” So you’ll not only be learning new words but their meanings as well, not to mention while having fun!

Dictionary.Com Flashcards

For this app, you’ll need to create an account for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll have access and control over creative games such as “Don’t be an Oxymoron,” and “twelve absolutely ridiculous words,” to mention but a few. As the name suggests, it involves playing with cards where you must pick a deck with several cards. The card you pick will have a word for you to tell its meaning and if you want to know the meaning, you have the option of flipping the card by simply tapping it. As if this is not enough, there is a speaker button that allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of different words. After the game, tap on the quiz button and test your skills but do not time out! Dictionary.com Flashcards is among the many apps developed with the aim of improving your vocabulary and your learning skills.

Advanced English & Thesaurus

Unlike most vocabulary building apps, the Advanced English-Thesaurus App is designed to help users to improve their grammar and learn more about different English words. This is an all-inclusive app that is convenient to use and includes adverbs, adjectives, verbs, and nouns. It comprises of 14 million words, classified accordingly. You’ll also get to learn word synonyms, antonyms, and hyponyms. With so many functions and words, you’d expect this app to be a pain in the neck and overly complicated and hard to navigate but it’s easier than you thought. Now, when it comes to searching words, you have the option of using the search function. You also have the option of increasing the font size for those with eye problems.

SAT Vocab

If you have a problem with any of the aforementioned apps, probably because you like things simple and straightforward, then this app might be the solution for you. Most people don’t like the idea of scrolling a thousand pages searching for a single word. The SAT Vocab app is simpler but includes so many words than you can ever imagine. It’s simple to use and saves the last viewed words, making it easier to remember words you learned in your previous session. It’s a great app for students, especially those looking to improve their SAT scores and contains no ads. This means that you can still learn and study new words without worrying about distractions from ads. 

Expand Your Vocabulary the Fun Way Thru These Noteworthy Apps

Finally, with so many apps out there, you always want to ensure that you are downloading these or other apps from trusted sources. In addition to this, think twice if you are asked to provide a lot of information, you just don’t know who’s on the other end. But one thing is certain, the above can help improve your vocabulary and your literary skills. But then again, it’s important to set some time aside for learning if you really want these apps to be helpful.

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