Ezra Miller May Be Out As The Flash


Crisis of Confidence

The troubled production cycle of the DCU has seen a string of diminishing returns with each property. Uncertainty for the future has become the norm with each project announcement. Despite having critical darlings such as Shazam and Wonder Woman, they are walking a tightrope regarding audience attendance. For every movie that draws, another larger one will crumble in worldwide sales. The causality of this unravels a rocky journey for films to actually to get to their release date. The Flash is in this current situation.

Slow and Steady Pace

Andy Muschietti - Ezra Miller May Be Out As The Flash
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Already attached to The Flash movie is Justice League star, Ezra Miller. In addition to this, a new director is at the helm of the project. With this change of the guard comes the status of Ezra Miller into question.

The actor has been active in recruiting Grant Morrison to help him write a script for the film. He has been pushing for this script to be used, taking the initiative in regards to getting it made. His willingness to take this stance may either hinder him or benefit him depending on how the new director feels. Warner Bros. rejected the Miller-penned script for its dark tone. This decision comes from the unfavorable reviews of previous darkly toned DC films. 

The Once and Future Flash

The Flash is still in the intermediary stages and undergoing changes. Production limbo has befallen the speedster in racing onto our screens.

The new director attached, Andy Muschietti, will be looked upon for a sense of consistency to steer the ship. To the favor of Ezra Miller, Muschietti is a director who utilizes harsher tones as he is known for his horror. His feature debut was the 2013 release, Mama. Known as a sinister and thought-provoking film. Lending his talents to The Flash may yield an interesting result and potentially elements of Ezra Miller’s script. Ezra’s passion to stay in this role should hopefully garner him a well-deserved shot to live out his vision. Even without the script going forward, the star has expressed that he wants to see this production through to its end.

The Flash has no confirmed release date at this time, but the fastest man alive will surely not stay off our screens for very much longer.

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