Fan Bingbing is back and she’s guilty of Yin-Yang

Fan Bingbang


Fan Bingbing is back


Well, at least she’s back?

Yes, everyone, Fan Bingbing is back for good. With the many speculations ranging from mysterious to gruesome, it turns out she’s actually guilty of something. 

Yin-Yang Contracts

In an article by Word of the Nerd, the issue stems from her contract. The practice of tax evasion, which she’s guilty of, is dubbed “Yin Yang” contracts. In this case of tax evasion, there are two contracts present. The first one has a lesser income and comes with tax deductions for public purposes. The second one has a bigger income and is tax-free. 

A Summary of Fan Bingbing’s Apology 

Fan BingBing
Fan Bingbing photographed by Gareth Cattermole. Courtesy of Getty Images

Miss Fan’s apology is on her Weibo account. She’s still not surfacing from the public eye.

An article from Variety provides a translated version of her apology post. In summary, she is taking full responsibility for her actions. She is guilty and accepts the verdict that the Chinese Government has for her. In her apology, it is stated that her action stems from her inability to govern herself in the face of economic interest. As a result, she “endured an unprecedented amount of pain, undergoing deep self-reflection and introspection”. She is now begging for everyone’s forgiveness in this matter.

The Price

As can be seen, the Chinese Government’s campaign against tax evasion is proving to be effective. The act of displaying such extravagance that comes from illegal activities is an act of breaking “core socialist values”. Such values that the Chinese Government demands every one of its citizens to uphold. 

Miss Fan and her companies will pay a total fine of RMB 883 million ($129 million). Henceforth, she vows to uphold the law and respect the orders. 


Fan Bingbing’s disappearance sparked outrage. Now, her appearance, though in social media form, still sparks a debate. This ranges from the mystery of her disappearance and whether or not she’s in good shape. Sooner or later, she’ll have to come back and clarify. Other than that, this helped open the eyes of her fans. Her apology at the moment is shared 100,000 times and with 500,000 likes. 

This is a lesson for all and an eye opener for those who look up to celebrities as if they’re modern-day deities of some sort. They’re still human, prone to feel and make mistakes, may it be unintentional to one that is a plan.


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