Fans Raise Money for Actor Michael Hogan After a Traumatic Fall

Michael Hogan - Battlestar Galactica


Actor Michael Hogan Received Thousands From GoFundMe 

Fans and sympathizers alike are raising money for Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan after a traumatic fall in February. He suffered a horrific head injury. His neighbor, Shari Ulrich, organized a GoFundMe on behalf of Hogan’s wife, Susan. Donations have reached over $147,000. 

How He Fell

Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan

In the GoFundMe description, Ulrich shared Susan’s description of the fall. She wrote, “On Feb. 17, 2020, everything changed drastically in our world. Michael was in Vancouver participating in a Battlestar Galactica Convention, and at dinner following his day’s work, he fell and hit his head. Hard. He went to bed that night not realizing that the impact had caused a massive brain bleed. He was unable to be woken the next morning and was taken to Vancouver General Hospital and emergency surgery performed. It took 57 staples to close the part of his skull they had to remove in order to reach the damage.” 

The damage was devastating. Hogan suffered paralysis on his left side, memory loss, cognitive impairment, and inability to swallow. 

The Progress and Reason for Donations

Obviously, the treatment costs are weighing heavily on Susan. Ulrich says in her description of the GoFundMe that it is mostly in place to relieve Susan of that burden while going through all this. 

In June, they moved Hogan to Berkley Care Center in North Vancouver. With COVID-19 restrictions, only Susan is able to visit him, and it’s all socially distanced with masks. It was not until recently that Susan was able to get a physiotherapist to be permitted, and they come 2-3 times a week. Hogan is still unable to walk, and requires an overhead lift to access his wheelchair. He is also only able to eat through a feeding tube. He has regained his speech, and is “largely coherent and cognizant,” according to Ulrich. The road to recovery is still long. And it will be difficult. 

The Future

Ulrich said it is unlikely that Hogan will work again. Susan is an actor as well, but has not worked since her husband’s fall (naturally). Whether or not she will is still up in the air. Hogan’s recovery will determine all of that. As it is, the only thing to be done is help in whatever little ways are possible. 

Ulrich wrote, “It is impossible to accurately guess the ongoing and future financial demands so the ‘goal’ will likely be a moving target. The real goal is to have Michael back – that sweet, funny, teasing, impish spirited bright light and brilliant actor and friend. And if at all possible, one day back in his home on Bowen Island with his dog Harley, his family, and treasured parts of the life he knew. But practically speaking, the goal is to give Susan a way forward without the crushing financial weight of the ever changing costs for his care.”

You may also know Hogan from his parts in The Man in the High Castle and Fargo

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